Wednesday , February 28 2024

Just Arrived – Superfly II in Cherry

Ok, so I actually lied – I stated there was going to be a giveaway for a pair of Nike Cherry Vapors, while in fact the giveaway is actually for a pair of Cherry Nike Mercurial Superfly II! I am sure you won’t mind if you are the one to win.

Stay tuned for more on the giveaway.

Nike Mercurial Superfly Cherry

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  1. Bryan, I bought the adidas f50 adizeros about 4 months ago. They have been great, but just recently I noticed a hairline seperation between the stud and the boot. Seeing what happened to your adizero, i'm kinda worried, and i'm not sure if i should do anything about it…

  2. I broke my juggling record yesterday and got 409. I will be expecting my Superfly II's now.

  3. jake how old are you? because if your record is only 409 and you want superflys cause of that you suck… im 14 and my record is 1 147 pwnd

  4. guys it doesnt matter you need to be fast and skillful on pitch to earn the superflys and thats what I am

  5. lets not argue with each other until the actual competition comes out?

  6. Wish I had time to count to 1147 keepy uppies. Don't believe you though.

  7. Alright guys, my comment was meant as a joke. I fully understand that it will not get me the cleats, and I definitely wasn't trying to start a competition Let's just end the discussion now and go about our days.

  8. I just tried and I did 40 before I got bored. No way anyones done 1147.

  9. I don’t really think juggling is an important skill. I mean, I’m hearing gloats of 1147 and 409, (which may be slightly exaggerated?) but I myself can usually only get about 10. I get 20 if I’m lucky, and can’t freestyle at all. But I am the fastest guy on my team, and have the most accurate and powerful long range shot. Of course, it can be used from time to time, when the situation asks for it. Hell, if I could juggle more than 100, I’d be extremely proud of myself.

    And by the way, I am rather certain that the cleats will be given away through a random pick, or something similar. Haven’t really seen a giveaway where he gave cleats to you because you can juggle or are fast.

  10. Chuck Norris did.

  11. Actually, a speed competition would be good considering these are nike’s premier speed boot. But speed isn’t everything. Neither is juggling. I too usually max around 8-10, but am really fast. Not the hardest kicker, but almost.

  12. Wait, so does this mean that the boots will be a fixed size?

  13. Yeah, most likely a 9US.

  14. If you guys win the boots and they don’t fit you you can always consider reselling them and getting it in a different size. Or possibly you might be able to return them to wherever he got them for a new size.

  15. Juggling massively improves your touch guys… And yes if you can do 500 you ca do 4000

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