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Picture of the Weekend - F50 adizero - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Picture of the Weekend – F50 adizero

Picture of the weekend for 2 reasons:

  1. Gareth Bale’s personalized Adidas F50 adizero in a green colorway – very interesting choice from the left winger who has been on fire in the past few weeks.
  2. Nani in his Cyan adizero’s that he switched to in the past few weeks. Nani scored one of the most bizarre goals ever seen in the Premier League during the game.

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  1. yes first comment and bale is wearing the watermelon adizeros which come out soon

  2. so is his fellow russian striker

  3. What's up with this tape like looking stuff on Bale's leg …no the first professional I've seen with it on

    • It is KT Tape, It is to replace braces, (knee braces etc, not teeth). My dad actually uses it when he plays and more proffessionals are starting to use it.

  4. Nani's Adizero looks weird coz it's not leather fa sure.. Fink he needs more protection than he added foams on his cleats

    The green one is okay though. Although the White outed is cooler

  5. I don't think it's custom cause Pavlyuchenko was wearing them too:)

  6. Well I saw the bigger image on the inet. The cleats are to flashy for leather.

    Oh well after all the Adizero isn't for me anyway. Surely they are comfy and light but they just make me tired fast coz I really need to have extra energy to do the long pass and shooting. The leather version is better.

  7. I was under the impression nani was wearing the cactus vapors. Him changing to the adizeros is really a kick in the groin for nike.

  8. @Curtis

    Not as bad as if Ronaldo changed to adizero's. haha 😛

    The adizero's that Bale is wearing are due out around the Jan-Feb time.

  9. Bale is wearing Kinesio Tape.

    Its a special elastic tape or something… i dont really understand how it works, but i think its supposed to help prevent injury in some way 🙂

  10. Hey brian i dont think Bale is wearing personalized adiZeros? There out in


  12. New adidas colors out on Bales are the new colorways

  13. New colorways for adidas are sickkkkk!!! Better than my color F50s.

  14. The tape on bale is called kinesio-tape and what the tape does is that it expands the skin to promote blood-flow and that also helps with healing and muscle cramping.

  15. when do these come out in england such as sports direct because i play for spurs and have always worn mecurials but i would like f50 adizeros… im only 14 so dont expect to see me in the first team 😛

  16. Can somebody answer my question? ..

    What is that thing I've seen soccer players wear lately , it looks like tape on gareth bale's leg , i've seen other things like that in the world cup and ive always been wondering

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