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Puma V1.08 Review

V1.08 Puma Soccer Cleat

After several people emailed requesting some information on the Puma V1.08 range, I realized that I never featured a review after posting an update that I had purchased them. Since these are the predecessor to the latest Puma V1.10, it might not come easy to find a pair but a short (if slightly outdated) review of the release might serve its purpose for players who do find a good deal!

Over the past year, I have worn them an many occasions and the images included in this review were taken in the past few days – after a year of play. They are a size 9.5US in the Black/Puma Red colorway.

Puma V1.08

When I purchased these, I went for a half size up on my normal size. This was due to the sizing of the V1.10, which were an extremely tight fit. Normally I would wear a 9US, but the 9.5US was a great fit. My advice, order up at least a half size in the V series for the right fit.

Throughout the breaking in period, these boots felt great. After one or two running sessions the V1.08 was ready for game action unlike the V1.10, which I struggled with for the first few sessions. Something that is unique to the Puma V series is the shape of the front of the boot. Unlike regular boots that have more of a round foot, the V1.08 has a more angled shape. I refer to it as the “box toe” design. For some players this can cause comfort issues, particularly if some of your toes are longer than your big toe. From my experience, I found that the box toe design is not the most comfortable design I have played in, with the outside of the boot feeling a little tight. This is something you should consider when buying.

Puma V1.08 PicDurability – how are they doing?
A year on and these boots are still looking good! I have worn them in over a few dozen training sessions and also well over 10 games (which is a lot for any boots I test!) They have suffered some scuffing, but the stitching is still 1oo% intact all around the boot. You can see by the images, taken yesterday, that the boot is still holding up really well!

Are they worth buying?
Absolutely, especially if you can find a pair for under $100. The V1.08 and V1.10 are very similar boots, with the only real difference lying in the materials used for the upper. They offer quality and if taken care of, you are sure to get at least a season out of them.

Boot Bag
Oh, when you buy a pair they come with the added bonus of a pretty nifty red Puma boot bag! Always a perk in my opinion.

Puma V1.08 Cleat

I found the insoles sometimes move while I am playing in them, this could be an issue specific with the pair I have. Another issue lies with the box toe design, as it really won’t suit all players feet. If you like wide long boots, then these are probably not the ideal choice for you.

Nicolas Anelka was one of many players who wore the V1.08 during 2009 when it was released. It fits in the lightweight category, at 7.6oz, and is designed for speed. Since I have had these for the past year, it has been very beneficial to break them out as a backup when testing other boots, knowing that they were already broken in and ready for action. Adding to that, placed against other releases, these boots offer a very competitive level of all-round performance. In terms of value, if you can get a pair for around the $100 they are a steal and well worth splashing out on!

There are still several pairs available at, but finding the right size might be an issue for some players.

Puma V1.08

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  1. Good Review……How is the width of these shoes?

  2. What do these would you rate these out of a hundred?

  3. You should do a review on the greatest boot of the v series, after the "sl", the v1.06 best looking speed boot in my opinion. I would love to get a review, i know it will be hard to find, but it will be worth it.

  4. Curtis,

    They fit medium wide, but the toughest part to judge is the box toe region (it tends to be a little tighter by your little toe)


    It would be unfair if I rated them out of 100 since it has been a while since I began the testing period. Sorry! They would, however, sit above the V1.10 in my opinion.

  5. I bought these shoes a few months ago. I loved them up until the first game, when I took a hard tackle from behind and the heel came right off. I'm not sure if it just got caught perfectly, but I got about 15 minutes of game time out of mine. Just glad the people at took them back.

  6. Hey bryan i have a pair of vapor vi and i feel good in them too ,i need a new pair of cleats so do you recomend me to buy another pair of vapor vi or adizero or v1.08

  7. what is the most similar boot compared to the v1.08 ? (that is not in the puma family)

  8. @Alejandro,

    The Umbro range is the most similar in fit, but the shape of the boots differs.

  9. Hey, I've had these for about a year and they are my favorite cleats I've ever had but theres that big sale at Puma and looking for new cleats. I was wondering if the V1.10's or the V1.11's are more like these and which you would recommend. Thanks

  10. Hey .. I want ask a question?

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