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Several Pairs of Hot Shot Gels up for Grabs!

Hot Shot Gel Protection

A few weeks back, I spent some time testing out the latest innovation in terms of foot protection – Hot Shot Gels.

With the pairs sent over for review, the Hot Shot Gel team included a few extra sets of inserts for us to giveaway to SoccerCleats101 readers! And now we are going to give them away to those of you that have an interest in testing out a pair.

We have 5 pairs up for grabs, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us about the worst injury you have suffered while playing soccer. If you haven’t suffered any injuries you can still leave a comment to put your name in the running –  and you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones! My worst soccer injury is the first comment below.

This giveaway is going to be a real quick one – winners will be announced sometime tomorrow (Friday 12/10) depending on the number of entries we get – so get your comments in quick!

As always, SC101 ruling is final on all maters. Competition is open to US and Canada entries only and closes on Friday 12/10/10. Winners will be chosen at random. Hot Shot Gels are available to buy at for $10.

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  1. When I was 16, playing for a men's soccer team in Ireland, I tried dribbling through several players in the final minute of the game before meeting a very large 250 pound center back. He wasn't happy, and proceeded to knock me to the ground! I somersaulted in the air and landed awkwardly on my shoulder!

    The result was a very painful broken collarbone, which took 6-8 weeks to heel fully.

    After it happened, I got up and tried to take the free kick only to drop back to the ground in agony!

  2. The worst injury I ever got was i didn't have any. I havn't got any major injuries in soccer.

  3. never really got injured playing soccer, however I split my left thumb vertically in half playing lacrosse in high school

  4. ive had multiple concussions ive broken my wrist both growth plates in my ankles broken my thumb twice and ive broken both ankles. theyre all pretty bad

  5. i was 15 and was playing in a mens league and i was one on one with the goalie and when i was doing a step over when the goalie went to ground and cleated me and broke my ankle.

  6. Well, I tried to take a penalty, but the goalie rushed at me with a goalpost he tore out the earth and hit me in the face with it most unmercifully, proceeding to knock most of my teeth out and cracking my skull in half, resulting in my hospitalization for 10 months.

    Just kidding.

    I haven't had any really bad injuries ever, but probably the worst one so far was when I was going to take a free kick, but struck in a funny spot. The ball soared inches over the crossbar, but I pulled my left hammy pretty bad and couldn't play for about 3 and a half weeks.

  7. The worst injury i got was over the summer when i slid in for a ball and somehow dislocated and broke my thumb. Needed surgery and everything.

  8. The worst injury i suffered playing soccer was on a turf field I went fifty fifty with a 6 foot 300 pound goalie(I may have exaggerated a bit) but he hit me and I did a flip,,landed on my side and had the wind knocked out of me..scarey moment..he almost broke my ribcage..thanks

  9. worst injury was my ankle while playing i try to stop a ball from a shooter and somehow i put my foot in front of him, i stop the ball but when i land it my foot was not in a good position and got one of those big ankles

  10. Received multiple concussions and one severe contusion in my left leg. It felt like it was broken.

  11. One time in a tournament i scored 3 goals and in the last 10 minutes i shot for my fourth but ended up tearing my hip flexor

  12. Worst injury I had was after a full week of preseason, I was incredibly sore and tried to take a free kick, and something popped in my hips. It brought my hips and shoulders out of alignment and eventually caused my calf to get swollen and hurt to walk. I was out for about 3-4 weeks. Nothing too too painful, but overbearing if I tried to play.

  13. The worst injury that I faced was at soccer practice when I was dribbling with the ball and a kid tried to take the ball away from me but missed and tripped me causing me to land on my shoulder and break my collar bone

    It hurt a lot!!!

    I had to wear a brace for 14 weeks without using that arm and then a month of physical therapy.

    It sucked not being able to play soccer for so long!!!

  14. The worst injury I've had while playing was when I was 14. I am now 20. I was blindsided by a stopper half again my size a few seconds after I passed away the ball. Since no one warned me he was coming, I wasn't ready for the impact and didn't protect myself. He hit me in the hip so hard it damaged the cartilege in the socket. My hip now has trouble staying in socket whenever I kick. I've gone through physical therapy twice and have to do numerous exercises a few times a week to keep my hip healthy enough to even continue being able to play.

  15. The worst injury I received during a soccer game was a broken nose this past year. I was playing in the center of midfield and had just received a ball from the left wing. I turned to face the goal and saw the keeper was out of position so i took my shot. After taking the shot I collapsed and all I heard was screaming. I sat up spitting blood on to my white jersey and the lines on the grass, my coach game over and declared that I had a broken nose. Apparently, in an attempt to block my shot an opponent jumped in recklessly and his arm had hit my nose. I got into the car my nose ended up looking like a C. I was rushed to the ER, had it straightened into place and was diagnosed with a broken nose and a concussion. Possibly my worst soccer experience so far.

  16. Playing a stopper and defending on a corner kick, I was airborne to head the ball out of the box. The opposing striker decided to shove me mid air, and I landed on the ground askew, breaking both ankles. Normally, I don't give opponents the satisfaction of knowing the pain, however it hurt like a mo fo.

    The striker heard me yell, and told me that it was just a cramp and to get up, so he earned the bird. He had the nerve to tell the ref that I should be ejected with a red card for it – and I had to point out that I couldn't even walk off the field thanks to him. Moron.

  17. The worst injury I got wasn't from any tackle or anything it was just from playing, I got shin splints my junior year and though I was able to start all of our games I could only play for 5-10 minutes at a time before I needed a sub. In hindsight I probably should of rested my legs instead of continuing to practice and play.

  18. Last march I got ran over by a center back and was about to take a freekick when I fell over and couldn't breathe, my lung had collapsed and I had to have a tube in my chest for two weeks and had to have surgery. Also got elbowed in the nose which left me with a badly broken nose which kinda hurt too.

  19. Jonathan Malikowski

    Playing attacking midfield, a kid like 2 inches bigger than me came at me. I had the ball, and was running at him. We collided, do to my reluctance to go around him, yet he went for the ball. He kicked me right on the side of the shin, I fell to the ground in real pain. When my coach came on, like 30 seconds later, the side of my shin was already basically purple. Luckily it was the last regular season game, and I healed it, in about a week, just in time for playoffs.

  20. I was playing indoor and i was on a breakaway then here comes a medium sized kid, then, he tried to take the ball but instead checked me straight into the side walls. Because of that kid I was out for the rest of the season (about 2 games) because of a dislocated shoulder and a torn ligament.

  21. Christian Naccarato

    Quite a story with this one ahah.

    Its March of this year, and I fell from 9 feet while snowboarding and got a third degree concussion (worst degree you can possibly get) and my soccer season is in 2-3 months after. 2 months later, playing rugby, I dislocate my knee badly. I get rushed to the hospital and the first thing I say is im playing in the game tomorrow. I miss 2 weeks of soccer due to my knee. After, 1 month later, playing against our rival team, I deliver a beautiful chipped through-ball(as said by my father not me) and get CLOBBERED by some 6 foot tall kid, angry as can be, and KNOCKS me to the ground, KICKS my in the head ( on purpose) and then STOMPS on my knee. I dislocate my knee and gain a second degree concussion after that. Im rushed to the hospital, again.

    I play next game.

    Almost break my ankle..

    Still play the next game, just with a lot of ankle tape haha

    (Btw im very dedicated ;] )

  22. A torn ACL / meniscus at 38 in a co-ed over 30 league. My doctor told me on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest the severity of my injury was an 8. Needless to say my wife wasn't happy! I sill love the game though!

  23. My son had to stop soccer during 1 year because he has a knee growing disease: Osgood-Schlatter. Now he's well but still have a little bump below each knee. But he's playing soccer very well and has a good kick.

  24. This season, I was out for the whole season because when I played in my first game, I tripped over a defender's knee as he came in hard and landed with the outside of my foot causing my entire ankle to twist backwards… my foot rotated 180 degrees

  25. In January,this year

    I was playing in a tournament, it was the second game of six when i brutally tackled and my fibula was broken. I got back training a month ago and i would really appreciate any sort of protection.


  26. I suffered a seveare concution

  27. During a tournament game, I stole the ball from the attacking striker. Now he didn't like that, so he kicked me in the back. It hurt like hell, and I was out for three months.

  28. This year during highschool soccer I sprained the same ankle in three different ways all within two months. I had an eversion sprain and inversion sprain , and I got a sprain the the front of my ankle as well. It was horrible. It has been 4 months since the injury and my left ankle is still about twice as big as the right one.

  29. A slide tackle to the outside of my right knee tore my MCL (medial collateral ligament) basically in two.

    I had surgery to repair it. I was not allowed to play for 6 months. I got impatient and after 5 returned to training (senior mens, park football). That first night I was rusty and when trying to take a shot I missed the ball and kicked the ground instead very hard. I damaged the same ligament and missed another 6 weeks.

    Fortunately, 9 months on and my knee is as solid as a rock.

  30. In mid-volley strike during a game, a player came in horizontally where the ball was and I drilled my big toe joint into his heel stud. Finished the game then discovered it was broken, shattered more like it, and swelled. Still finished high school season that year.

  31. Nothing to bad.. yet, haha. Hmm as I look back my worst injury must have been when I was defending on a corner kick. That kid had a rocket of a leg and launched the ball right into my foot as it pointed to the ground. I Felt a sudden crack and when I looked down my foot was like a limp rag doll. Played the rest of the game, though it was only 2 more minutes, but we did come out with a win! When I got it checked it seemed as if I had a bad ankle sprain, and my ankle moved out of it's socket.. But all in all we did win so I guess it was worth it lol.

  32. I suffered a stress fracture on my 1st metatarsal(right foot) probably 2 months ago. I tapped the ball away just in time to take the whiffed shot on my right instep. I still ran for for a couple minutes after the blow, but could barely get my shoe off after due to the swelling. I was out for 5 weeks =(

  33. Nothing to serious, but 2 fractured ribs from a flying knee, and shoulder, and a pretty badly sprained ankle after a guy went in with the studs up on my ankle

  34. got punched by a goalie and it was dislocated.

  35. broke my arm by falling really quickly. that's about it

  36. i havent got any major injuries

  37. My worst injury was this summer.. I had the ball and went up. After than I stopped looked around proceeded and step on it by accident . From there I step to the ground with a slanted shaped L body. So I broke my right growth plate in the ankle. 'till this day I am still recovering-__- but I hope to get back soon!!!:)

  38. my worst injury was when i was chasing a striker when he was on a break away, and hyperextended my knee, then later found outt i had actually tore my acl. not fun.

  39. My worst injury ever suffered in soccer occurred in Poland. I was playing in a pickup game on a rubber like surface. I saw a defender approaching at a fast speed and tried to pull the ball back. The defender slide tackled my left foot, causing me to tear ligaments. This resulted in 3 weeks of my foot in a cast and an additional 3 weeks of rehab before I could run or jump.

  40. last September I broke my wrist going up for a header. And with my luck a few weeks after that playing in a tournament with my cast in bubble wrap I was just jogging up the field to take a freekick and I fell to the ground with a torn neck muscle not being able to play football or move my head for a few months in a neck brace.

  41. I had a petella sleeve fracture. I that is the ligament connecting your kneecap and your shin. It was very painful and I had to wear a knee brace for a couple of months.

  42. i didnt have any bad injury and with the HOT SHOT GEL that maybe i gonna win i will remain free of injuries….. 🙂

  43. I've never suffered a major soccer injury except for once.

    I was about 14, and I had nipped in to steal a ball from the opposing side's massive defensive midfielder. He chased me down like a tank, and then proceeded to drag me down to the ground. I earned a free kick, and as I was about to get up this massive kid stepped on my stomach! It wasn't too vicious or hateful, but it still hurt plenty, and I had to sit out the rest of the game.

    I guess the main reason I don't suffer many injuries is because I'm a bit too scared, so I don't get too stuck in. Great competition!

  44. Earlier this year, I tore my right MCL. It has healed since then but my knee still pops a little bit when it fully extends. I still don't have 100% confidence when kicking with my right leg, even though there's no pain involved. Since I was out for a few months from that, my leg muscles became weak from the lack of use. After I started playing again, I kicked the ball hard with my left leg with the usual power I was used to striking the ball with. I tore some muscle on my left leg, even though I had stretched and warmed up thoroughly before that. This muscle has not healed in the 4 months I've had it so I still can't put full power on the ball like I used to without worrying it's going to tear again. Not a good year for my legs!

  45. Worst injury was when i sprained my ankle because my cleats got caught on turf and then stepped on.

  46. Worst injury I ever had was when I got passed two defenders and I dribbled the ball a little bit too far and sped up to catch up and slammed into the goalie, who was trying to get to the ball as well.

  47. i got slide tackled with sg studs, in the laces area of my foot

  48. I am a shoo-in for this competition if the injuries are being rated based on how serious they are. On the 11th of September, just about 3 months ago, I broke my ankle.

    I was playing a pick-up game and my teammate put too much power in his pass and it was rolling out of bounds. I went sprinting after it to save it. As I approached it I realised I would have to slide to get it therefore I planted my left foot so I could sweep the the ball off the line with my right foot.

    Unfortunately however I planted my left foot at an awkward angle firmly into the ground and my entire weight, all 165lb/75kg, turned on it. I heard a double CRACK CRACK and I collapsed to the ground, calling out: "I think it's broken".

    It was, it had twisted about 90 degrees to the left, if I could have stood facing north the toes on my left foot would have faced west. Countless bones were shattered on both the medial and lateral sides. All the tendons and ligaments were snapped and torn. Luckily there was no nerve damage and I could move my toes.

    I won't go into detail about the ensuing weeks of excruciating pain, I'll just quickly provide the lowdown. I was rushed to the hospital, the doctor straightened my leg after I was knocked out, a week later I had to have surgery to put screws and plates in both sides of my ankle. I have a 6 inch long rod on one side (with a corresponding 6-inch scar)and various plates and screws on the other side (the scar here is only 3 inches long). 3 months on , I have just started to limp about with a large ankle brace and an Aircast. According to my physiotherapist the earliest I will be able to even run is in March and I won't be able to play until May. That's about 9 months out total and I was "this" close to never being able to play again. The metal stuff in my ankle will be staying.

    I have a picture of the injury. O_O My teammate took a picture with his phone right after calling 911 while we were waiting for the ambulance. It's too gruesome to post freely here but I can send it directly to you on request Brian. I think you have my email cos I provided it while commenting and I've asked you for sizing advice on CTR 360's before.

  49. The worst soccer injury I ever had was when this guy elbowed me in the face and chipped half of my tooth. Thanks

  50. smashed into the goalie when i was attacking and broke my wrist

  51. My team was losing a game and i tried to take a shots as i dribbled 2 or 3 players. From behind, i got stomped on by a defender and than i broke my foot. It was really bad

  52. The worst injury i've had so far, is where i came out for a ball(keeper) While playing in u-12 game. and some kid slid and broke my finger. Now i have two pins in my finger wich took some surgery.

  53. The worst injury i've had was when recently i was stepped on by an opponent during the game, and then a week later while at practice i felt pain on my right foot and then got an x-ray, and found out i had fractured my third and fourth matersals.

  54. In a co-ed league, last defender stuck out his leg and missed the ball as I went around him. I flipped through the air and landed on my shoulder. I got back up really quick b/c I was so pissed, but should have stayed down, maybe the ref would have given a card. Got a free kick, but no card, not even a yellow. Ended up with a separated shoulder. Seems like the co-ed league refs are so reluctant to give out cards, it's dumb. I see cards given out in professional leagues for much weaker tackles.

  55. Never suffered a particularly harsh injury. Just a couple of sprained ankles 2 broken fingers. Although, last year, in a co-ed league I suffered a particularly harsh blow to the private area. Was racing to a ball and dove in on one leg. The opposing defender got there first and as my legs were open it was cleared straight into my genitals. I don't now why it was so much worse than other times getting hit there, but I barely knew what was going on for a couple of minutes. Definetly the most painful experience of my life.

  56. the worst injury i've had was when we were almost done with one of our weekend tournaments and in the second to last game a defender slid straight forward facing me, spraining my shooting foot bad. i had to use hot water (my only option) to soothe it and get better for the next game in the next few hours. possibly most painful tournament, we still came in second though. i'd appreciate this very much.

  57. Never suffered any terrible injuries, just the typical wear and tear; bruised metatarsals and ankle twists from contact with opponents, and the occasionally pulled hamstring or groin from not stretching well enough.

  58. u see, i would rather bye myself a pair than having to enter and be put in a draw witch will be like 1 out of 500 and stuff! i would bye them cuz i know that i will receive a pair in like the next 10 days or so!!

  59. ohh amd my worst injury would have to be (ohh in a goalkeeper) ummm. when i went a jump for the ball it was a cross! and this dumb ass kid came on a rampage and kicked my head and then stomping on my foot as we both came down!!!!! ugh that was one of my worst injury's i have ever sufferd from!!

    ohh and i broke my leg in 4 places and my noes in 2 places!!! we lost the championship!!!

  60. I have had two bad injuries . The first one was when I was 11. I turned this boy but left my trailing foot. The kid studded my foot and I broke my likely toe. The next one was quite recently, in July. I was playing in a six aside tournament. Pretty much like the last injury turned this person but instead of getting studded I got kicked and fractured my ankle.

  61. Luckily, no injures yet.

  62. My worst injury happen, two days ago, I was sprinting down the wing at full speed and decided to cut in, in order for me to pass the ball, a defender got near me fighting me body to body, I finally passed him up and as I decided to give the pass, stepped on me full force right on my Achilles tendon (on my right foot) he stepped on me hard causing my sock to rip. I immediately was down on the ground in pain, after the game my coach checked my right foot and there it was… my opponents cleat marks on my Achilles, he broke sink, leaving me with what appeared to be 3 bites marks, it hurts moving and taking off. Now I must seat out for at least two weeks 🙁

  63. I guess I have not had any really bad injuries.

    But I would love to have some hot shot gels!

  64. my worst injury playing soccer was 3 years ago. as i was running onto a through ball when a defender pushed into me from behind, and i fell. I dislocated my elbow. a teammates dad put it back in for me and i went to the e.r. the sideline ref threw up when she saw it!!! haha!!!!

  65. My worst injury was getting mallet finger when a ball hit the tip of my finger last summer. I was out of action for 6 weeks.

  66. worst injury I ever had was acute tendinitis in both of my ankles that lasted for 6 weeks, didn't know what it was the first week, but figured I should get it checked out after having a shinguard rammed down into the joint anyway.

  67. About 5 years ago went for a 50/50 ball, planted awkwardly, heard a 'pop' in my lower left leg. Tests revealed several torn ankle ligaments and a broken fibula. Out for 5 months or so. Was wearing Nike AZT 90 IIIs.

  68. during the high school season this year we were playing our rivals, the guy was dribbling accross the box so i go in for the challenge and he lands on my left calf with his knee, I had a severe muscle contusion out for a month and half.

  69. My worst injury playing soccer occurred while I was going up with an opponent to win a ball in the air. We hit heads and I later found out I was concussed at that point. As we came to the ground, he landed on my ankle, causing it to break. To literally add insult to injury, another opponent came flying into our wreckage and slid tackled for the ball, causing a slight fracture in my pinky toe. I was out for several months.

  70. My worst injury playing soccer was when I was 13. I was running with the ball and a kid came from behind and tripped me. I fell down and put all my weight on my right arm…walked off with a broken arm. Not nice, it didn't even hurt so much it just looked really nasty and I was shocked. Also had to sit for at least 3 months…

  71. stress fracture in my l5 vertabrae from playing too much soccer. spondlyosis. ouch

  72. compound fracture, i was taking the ball down the line and i was the fastest player on the field so the defenders were hanging back and i beat out one and then another defender came in and slide tackled me with his cleats up and went straight threw my leg and causing me to get a compound fracture

  73. I had a compound fracture during the ODP Far West reginal tournament. the player who broke my leg now plays on the national team. My leg was bent in a "u" and my foot was touching my knee. A year later i broke it again playing in the state league. I megged a guy and he slid in and broke my leg. I had a metal plate in my leg from the first incident so i taped up the leg and went back on… i then had to be carried off the field at the end of the game.

  74. ^ out of action for a year and a half

  75. Haven't experienced that many injuries yet, but the worst one i got was from overworking and its called Plantar Fasciiatis and it was the most painful injury ever , its on your sole and it hurt horribly for quite a while, glad its over 🙂 .. hopefully i can get a pair of these they look wonderful, and i would send you a review of them if you wanted to !:D . If i got them i would most likely be testing the gels with the adizero's 🙂

  76. I was dibbling the ball near the area when a defender put his body on me, then stepped on me, I kept going but then he knocked me down. When I got up I couldn't move my left arm, I had fractured my shoulder. And when I took my shoe off I had 3 swollen toes and had to get those 3 toenails removed afterwards. I didn't play for six months and couldn't walk for days.

  77. Bryan,

    Just wanted to let you guys know we have the newest video up

    Check it out. As always feedback is key for us at the grassroots level. And soccer players don't lie!!!

  78. while at high school scrimmage goalie booted the ball an i made a mistake by running as fast as i can looking back,when i turned around an jumped 4 the header i crashed into a defender with his knee up and broke some have hanging ribs that poke out an have 2 be rebroke an set in place

  79. my worst soccer injury was when i slide tackled at a high speed and tore my ankle since it got caught up with the grass.

  80. i havent really had any terrible injuries but the worst is when i was playing for my high school team, i had just come on and some guy from the other team was wearing soft ground studs and challenged to get the ball off of me and stepped on my foot. my foot was swollen and hurt for more than a week and i still have a bruise under my big toenail, and its been about 2 months.

  81. Winners to be announced later today…stay tuned!