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Your Thoughts on 2010

While I am putting together the final touches on the the 2010 year in review post, I wanted to get your feedback on a few issues. Issues, for example, like what your choice for boot of the year is.

Place your votes for the following 3 questions below, and if you have any additional comments on the releases we have seen this year post a comment below – who knows, maybe I will include your comment!

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  1. voted. thing is, the adizero in sea of yellow had 2 different colorways,

    1 was mostly yellow with black stripes (diego forlan)

    other was mostly black with yellow stripes (david villa)

  2. i think by far adidas made the biggest strides this year and also in the category of winning regular players and stars alike away from the nike brand and adidas can only benefit further from this great year

  3. adidas went a long way !!!!!!! with predator x, adipure and obviously ADIZERO!! Nike needs some huge! i mean HUGE advancements if they want to get any where near adidas

  4. Nike had a lot of improvements with the carbon fiber and k leather and flywire technology. But I gotta hand it to Adidas with the adizeros getting them down to 5.8oz now thats light. Once Nike gets the Tiempos with flywire then they will move back up top, but the adizero primes look nice.

  5. One more thing i gotta say , its hard to include the king finale's in there cause their truly wonderful boots !!!!! and they recently came out, so it would of been a bit better if they were released 11, cause they would of made hard competition to other boots !

  6. I think Mizuno should get a shout for "most advancements" of 2010, they've:

    Made the new supersonic waves – the lightest k-leather boots on the market (adizero's aren't k-leather).

    Re-released the wave cup rivaldo's – a brilliant idea imo

    Kept the Morelia's making a UL version, 215grams i think, might be 5g either way.

    And finally made the mizuno wave ignite/ignitus'

    They've come on leaps and bounds this past year and i think definitely deserve a place ahead of diadora or under armour.

  7. While I do believe that Nike made some great strides, I do have two issues with them – one, that more is better; and their incessant need to increase prices.

    The first issue relates to the Superfly II, which puts technology that is questionable in terms of whether it works or not (i.e. the NikeSense studs). Its because of that I think Adidas has made greater strides in terms of the weight of speed boots, though Puma as well with the V1.10SL also deserve some recognition.

    The Elite Series is just the epitome of Nike's 'Premium Pricing' – following up the Superfly's pricing for each of its boot silos, I think they're going way too far now. But from what I've seen and heard, Adidas is following up with something like it, which isn't good for consumers IMO, adding little benefit.

    So yeah. While I think the AdiZero is perhaps the greatest advancement, I do have a personal liking for the CTR Maestri II 😉 Which look amazinggg!

  8. First of all I don't think the maestri II should be in there because no one is able to test the boot until the year is over (except Bryan).

    This past year I've been put off Adidas because I honestly can't find a boot in their range that I like including copas and world cups. One the adizero was waaaay too thin for me and uncomfortable plus it doesn't last very long. The adipure's heel is too low and the boot lasts about a month with a lot of people. Three the predator x's soleplate was too stiff and I don' think the boot needs to be that heavy. The copas overstretched too much as I'm finding with many leather shoes. I am not a fan of speed boots so the release of the adizero does nothing for me. I admit it was groundbreaking, but it's about time they released a counter to the superflys. Nike came out with the elite series which not only makes one boot better, but all of their boots (except the superfly which pretty much remains the same) and if you watch the world cup games you see soooo many elites. Yeah nike might be very expensive, but adidas is going to do the exact same thing (yes it has been confirmed). So then it won't be about price, but about quality. Think about other advancements nike has made. They have released boots with a synthetic that is actually comfortable. AKA kangalite and the synthetic on lasers. That makes huge strides in the market for materials. If you can't find a boot in Nike's range that you like then you're not looking hard enough. In my opinion they satisfy all my needs. I think we have to accept that prices on boots are just getting higher. Now I refuse to pay over $200 dollars for a boot, but anything under that I'm willing to pay for quality. I don't think Adidas makes quality boots anymore.

  9. @Danny LePage: Actually I believe Forlan wore the mostly black pair, no? But I do know what you're talking about. Personally I think the chameleon colorway should've been nominated instead of either yellow F50.

    Also, I agree with Ben that Mizuno should've been one of the categories for most advancements, and the Ingitus should've been up there for model of the year. Additionally, I think Joe is right about the Maestri II being left out since none of us has actually tried it out for any significant period of time yet.

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