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Safari, Windchill or Black: Which Superfly Would You Choose?

In the past few weeks, we saw Nike’s latest Superfly colorway releases and they all seem to have their own majority of fans! The Windchill and Black versions have pretty much complete opposite looks and opinions have been split on which one looks better. The Nike CR7 Safari came to light in a blaze of controversy, with a large amount of detractors criticizing the release. In the weeks since, many people have changed their feelings. With that being said, I am interested to find out which version is more popular among readers.

As a side note, it seems like Nike have pulled the Windchill from the market for a bit longer – it is currently not available on any of the big sites.

Simply leave your vote below so that we can find out which is most popular.

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CR7 Vapor SafariNike Superfly II in Black orange

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  1. The windchill colorway coincide with the running of Tron?

  2. the Windchill colorway will be coming out in february (i posted a question on a soccer.com facebook thread, and they told me that)

  3. The Windchill colorway is the best looking of these three

  4. Why are the cr7's vapors ?

  5. WINDCHILL is the winner (in my opinion). The Safari just looks absolutely horrid, and whoever would wear those to a match deserves to get shoes thrown at them.

  6. I usually prefer the brighter boots but the black is the best for its simple elegance.

    Windchill isn't my syle and safari is just strange.

    Not that I'd turn them down.

  7. my friend has the safari's they look decent in real life, but not great

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  9. I feel like the black superfly should have been released during Halloween, the Windchill version seems like a lady boot and the safari is ugly….

    The Windchill version in my opinion is the best tho

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