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Nike Tiempo Legend III in White/Black/Volt

Nike Tiempo Legend White Volt

Nike have released the latest colorway in their highly rated Nike Tiempo Legend III series, coming in an easy to spot White/Black/Volt. The highlight of the Tiempo series is the super soft, handcrafted kangaroo leather that is designed for a super comfortable fit. These boots are an all round performer, designed to suit a majority of players on the field. For comparison, they fall in a similar category as the likes of the Adidas adiPure and the Lotto Stadio, specifically when it comes to the leather.

Like most white cleats, you are going to have the concern of trying to keep these clean, but if you are going to put in the effort then they will be well worth it. The volt yellow tick gives the boots a new look. My preference would be for some sort of a blue or dark colored tick but there is going to be a selection of the market interested in how these look.

Nike Tiempo Legend III

It has been a while since I tested the Nike Tiempo Legend. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the package. My primary concern centered around their fit and the actual sizing. If you are going to buy a pair I recommend ordering up an extra half size as they seem to fit tight. Breaking them in turned out to be a pain and I really wish I had tested them in a 9.5US. Recently, I have received many requests for a review of the Elite version and I am looking to get a pair in a 9.5US to see what difference the sizing makes.

If you are in the market for a no-nonsense cleat that will give you support and performance at a decent price (and are sure of the sizing), these might be ideal for you.

Nike Tiempo Legend III

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  1. just FYI, they are kanga-lite, not natural kangaroo leather.

  2. Friedrich,
    I think you will find that the elite version is kanga lite…this post talks about the regular tiempo legend that is kangaroo leather(click the buy button)

  3. And the link you provided says it is kangaroo leather!!

  4. Hi Bryan:

    I have got the Ronaldinh vision of Tiempo and the Tiempo Legend Elite WC.
    I don’t find the size is a problem at all, I have got a wide fit and I have to go one size up on puma V1.08 and half size up on adidas Predator and half size up on nike Vapor, but not Tiempo.
    Tiempo has offer me the most comfortable experience of soccer cleats so far.

    PS: Man, you are the best! I love your web so much. Thank you and happy chinese new year!

  5. These are VERY bright on the field.(when they are clean anyways)

    I've played gainst another team as a defender and one of their forwards had them, and I'd say they are an eye catcher for sure!!

  6. @Friedrich

    You're wrong. Simon is right.

    Here is the exact wording from the Nike website:

    "It's easy to understand why top speed players such as Carlos Tevez, Andrea Pirlo and Joe Cole wear the Tiempo Legend III: Made from supersoft kangaroo leather with a stitching pattern that improves your control, this soccer cleat features a new Poron sockliner for ultimate comfort and a fold-down tongue and formed heel for dynamic cushioning and stability."

    It says kangaroo leather, not kanga-lite.

    I have the Tiempo Legend III and can confirm that they are indeed kangaroo leather.

    The Elites are the ones that are made with kanga-lite synthetic leather.

  7. @Friedrich

    I actually went to your link and realize now that it's just a generic frontpage for the Tiempo line of boots.

    Here are more detailed links to both Tiempo Legend III and Tiempo Legend Elite:

    Also, if you actually own the Tiempo Legend III and still have the brochure that came with it, like I do, you can read that the leather is in fact kangaroo leather.

  8. @simon,

    it reads (word for word) ‘kanga-lite synthetic leather’ in the link i gave. i wonder if you read correctly.

    the regular tiempo legend iii has always been promoted by nike as kanga lite. some retailers including mislead consumers by labeling them natural leather

  9. If I am correct Meireles scored that wicked dipping volley against Wolves wearing these exact boots on Saturday, check it <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”> Absolute screamer, not to mention you rarely get to see Dalglish looking that happy.

  10. @Albert

    is that the exact wording from the link i gave? if so it's interesting we are seeing different pages from the same url.

    I own 2 pairs of legend iii and comparing to its previous releases, i'm not that confident.

  11. Hey Bryan I really like the way these look, think you can get a review on the elite versions? I really like your reviews and I was pondering about buying a pair.

  12. You own two pairs of legend iii yet u still strongly believe it's kanga-lite?!?!

  13. Friedrich, the link you give has a lot of problems. It shows a picture of the regular(non-elite) version of the tiempos. In the description it does say it is kanga-lite, but it is referring to the elite version. Another problem in the description says that the tiempo has retractable studs such as the ones featured on the superfly ( which I think proves the level of truth that this description contains).

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