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Puma PowerCat Graphic Tokyo Released

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

Puma continue their recent trend of bold, energetic releases with this latest Tokyo inspired version of the Puma PowerCat Graphic.

This is another Puma release that takes visual design to a whole other level and will have huge mass appeal! I personally like the craziness of the design and I do get that fast paced Tokyo feel while looking at them. I particularly like the blue color used along the SpringTech foam ridges, and the blend of pink design also adds a creative fresh look that stands out in its own interesting way.

Puma PWR-C1 Tokyo

PowerCat Graphic Tokyo

I mentioned last week that the PowerCat range is a great option for players who play center back, so if you happen to be a center back with a wild side then these just might be the perfect option! But ultimately, they are going to suit pretty much any playing position on the field. Finally, the PowerCat series fits true to size if you do decide to order a pair.

Thoughts on the design?

Puma PowerCat Tokyo

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  1. I’d like a little more blue in there.
    Certainly a different look, I’m not completely sure what I think of them.

  2. You’d have to be blind or just straight up stupid to not notice these…they look awesome in my opinion haha

  3. im personally finding a lot of boots with the many colours… look like action figures for kids or they’d be part of the toys section in a department store.

    I guess im oldschool and the last best looking boot is the black/sun combo

  4. These look pretty sweet in my opinion, more of a designer boot though.

  5. This Shoes Are Awsome!!!! Ima Buy Them…

  6. These are my favorite boots in the world!
    I have them, I love the design and the convert.
    Last year I had the 1.10 version and this year I have this version and I think
    these are the best version you can get.

    • Where did you buy your Puma Powercat Tokyos? I just love the bright colors on them but can't find them anywhere for sale NOW..!!!

  7. I’m from cpt in south africa and I just got me a pair of these stunning Power cats 16 July 2011…its freakin awesome and I give a huge thumbs up to Puma and the desighner…I will be playing my first game in them today and am super excited…its very comfortable, stylish and very much worth every penny, and I didn’t even play in it yet ☺

    • Hey where did you buy the Puma Powercat Tokyo soccer cleats? Are they still available? I can't find them anywhere, thanx, LL 7-15-12

  8. francisco de jesus

    Hey quiero saber si aun esta disponible este modelo…. quiero adquirirlos

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