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Umbro Stealth II Pro - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Umbro Stealth II Pro

Umbro Stealth II Pro

You might have spotted that the second edition of the Umbro Stealth Pro (Stealth II) was released a few months back, well finally they are available here in the US. The original Stealth series was released with the pretty unusual “Are you Fox or Chicken” campaign – I am glad to say at this point we have not been put through the same type of advertising campaign! Instead the boot was released in a more simplistic fashion, with some fantastic upgrades!

The biggest upgrade lies in the upper if the boot, with Umbro choosing to include a K-leather this time around. In my opinion, this is a great addition to a boot that tested impressively well first time around. The leather has been formed/riveted to improve touch and enhance power on contact. I also like the design and look of the boot. The blue/gold combo on a white base makes them look very classy.

Umbro Stealth Pro II

Umbro Stealth II Pro

Stay tuned as we should have a full review available of the Stealth II Pro in the next few weeks – I am very much looking forward to testing them out! Also worth noting, there are still sizes of the original Stealth Pro available for an absolute bargain $40!

Umbro Stealth Pro

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  1. lol, everytime i see or hear the word classy, i think of Jersey Shore

  2. lookes beautiful! :)..and god i just recently bought the umbro stealth pro first onnes for 100 dolars. god i wana cry. aha these are frigin nice 😀

  3. Very nice look… better than Pumas Tokyo… i’m waiting for review… i’ve used Umbros before and is very confortable cleats! For my bad luck, my dog “eated” the left foot… 🙁

  4. Yo Brian, I need you to review these 😀

  5. Yea Bryan a review on these babies would be super appreciated…..thanks in advance 😉

  6. please bryan can you sent me the review of this cleats to my email?
    i coulf get this around 60usd, just wanna know if this boots better than dominate pro or what

    • just ordered a pair for that price from eurosport. hopefully they stay true to reviews ive been reading online. They are very similar the nike tiempo legends (which ive never had or tried on by the way) but they are made from the same material and have the same stud pattern but at a way smaller fraction of the price.

  7. February 11th you said in the next few weeks a full review would be available. Has there been any progress made on the boot?

    • Unfortunately not, they have not been made readily accessible for review – and since posting, Umbro has released newer ranges. Sorry!

  8. i just ordered some because i grew out of my umbro stealth pro 1's
    hope they are just as nice,

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