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Checking Out Soccer Nation Expo 2011

SoccerNationExpo2011I spent this morning checking out Soccer Nation Expo in Long Beach. It was a good opportunity to meet up with some of the people and companies I have been dealing with over the past few months, and as it turns out a great opportunity to get introduced to new connections. Basically the Long Beach convection center was awash with companies who target a soccer specific market. The place was very well attended – something that is fantastic to see as it shows how the game is growing here in the US.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and have some free time tomorrow, I strongly recommend checking out the Expo.

As an update of how the day went for me, I approached several new companies with the intent of testing their products for SC101 readers, and the results were very positive. Not only did several companies jump at the idea but one even gave me a sample of their product before leaving! Here is the scoop on some of the highlights of the day (with pictures).

Aviata GK Glove

I have talked with the Aviata-Sports team about reviewing their goalkeeper products in recent times – but alas, I am not a goalkeeper and wouldn’t really know what I was looking for while wearing them. Well, after a quick discussion with the Aviata team today we came up with a plan! They are going to send gloves out to a GK of my choice for review – a trusted source who I know will provide honest, valuable reviews. So, for you goalkeepers out there, stay tuned for some glove reviews!

I spotted GoalShot a few months ago and was impressed with how the product has been developed. After a quick conversation with the team, we are going to get a full review of the product going in the coming weeks! I can see this being super useful for developing your game if shooting/crossing is a big part of your game.

CleatSkins actually offered and gave me a pair of their product before leaving for review. Cleatskins are the covers that go over your cleats to protect them while you walk around while wearing them off the field. First off, I am not sure why you would want to wear your cleats off the field and I don’t recommend it, but the execution of the product is pretty spot on. In my opinion, they are going to be ideal for walking around the house while breaking new boots in!

Strike Zone Soccer Cleat

Strike Zone is a training system that uses colors to teach players how to develop their game (seen above). In the coming weeks I will be testing out a pair, but I have a feeling that this review will be more valuable to younger players who are learning how to play the game. One of the men in charge of the company, Paul, is actually Irish – small world!

Eletto Soccer Cleats

For my Canadian readers, have you heard of the company Eletto? I had not, but as it turns out they have a full line of soccer cleats! There were a few pairs if their soccer cleats that are very visually appealing – I obviously have no idea how they actually perform. Some for review in the coming weeks maybe?

And finally, Nike Soccer were in full force as usual! They had a huge area set up right in the entrance of the expo hall. Cesc Fabregas and the CTR360 Maestri were on full show, as well as a display of all the latest boots on the market (as seen below)

Nike Expo
Nike Stand at Soccer Nation Expo

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  1. omg how did you get into heaven?!?!

    i like the idea of that 'Strike Zone' product. If you go tomorrow Bryan, maybe make a video?

  2. Yeah Brian please make a video if you can.

    Love hearing the great news and reviews keep em coming

  3. Niice… By any chance bryan do you know of anything like this in Ireland..??

    Doubt it but anyway thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  4. What brand were the blue and white cleats in between the cleat skins and strike zone articles.thx.

  5. OMG that CleatSkins looks like a space boots!!

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