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Nike T90 Laser III Elite Giveaway

T90 Laser EliteWith the latest influx of cleats and indoor shoes arriving, its time to start making some much needed space in my soccer closet! To kick things off, I have a pair of Nike T90 Laser III Elites up for grabs in size 9US. I used these cleats for review back in August and they are still in pretty perfect condition.They are originally priced at $350 (although you can get them for $208 on sale right now) so even if they are not your size, you are welcome to swap them with a friend or sell them in order to get a different pair of cleats in your size. They also come with a pretty sweet red boot bag.

I wanted to make this one interesting, so to enter you are going to have to to some research on SoccerCleats101 for the answers to the clues below. All you need to do is match up my clues with the actual posts/reviews they are associated with (one of the answers will be a persons name). If you are a regular reader you have an advantage as you might be able to sync up some of clues pretty quickly. You will need to scout through the SoccerCleat101 pages in order to find the answers – and once you think you have them, send your answers to [email protected].

  1. Which soccer cleat did I end up wearing a larger than normal size 10US to review? (Hint: they are light)
  2. In which review did I call the technology used around the strike zone “gimmicky”? (Hint: not one of the big three)
  3. Which review did I discuss how to “wear the tongue”? (Hint: old school)
  4. Which actor from Heroes played with us at the Nike Montalban theater? (Hint: march 2010)

Again here are the steps for what you need to do to enter:

  • Read the above clues.
  • Search through SoccerCleats101 to find the corresponding soccer cleats (3) and person (1) that I am referencing.
  • Send your 4 answers to giveaway@soccercleats101
  • You only need to name the cleats associated with the first three answers and the name of the actor for the fourth. You don’t need to type the actual post title.
  • Don’t forget to like this post and share it with others!

Competition runs until Tuesday Feb 22nd and is open to US and Canada residents only. A winner will be chosen by random drawing from those that have the correct answers.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hey will we get a confirmation email that our answers that were sent have been received? And thanks for running another great contest!!

  2. No confirmation email this time around – as long as you send your entry to [email protected] I got it!

  3. did u get mine?????????? please answer.

  4. I wanted to know if you got my email I really want these cleats.

  5. this is freakin awesome!

  6. This is a great giveaway format Bryan! I love winning stuff that i had to work for! Especially trivia questions!

  7. Hey Bryan, I never received the skunkies I won 🙁

  8. damn,,,I wish I were in the US

  9. is there a limit to the amount of entries i can send?

  10. I’m new to this site….but this give away seems interesting. I’m gonna go ahead and attempt to get the T90 Elites (as my pair of f30’s are wearing out) and send an email. Do we need to put our address or anything?

  11. issac you only need to send him the answers and if youve won then he'll likely send you the details to the email that you used

  12. Hey Brian i like what your doing with this website, good idea!

    im new to these givaways so i was just wondering if we send an email with that address or if theres a special link we have to click on?

  13. Dude your giveaways are the best..your site is like no other

  14. who is the winner winner chicken dinner?

  15. *rolls dice* Come onnnnnn Gary needs a new pair of shoes!

  16. who is the winner bryan?

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