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On The Market? Adidas adiPure IV SL - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

On The Market? Adidas adiPure IV SL

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Adidas adiPure IV SLI was actually pretty surprised to find these posted on a merchant site this week as I don’t think there has been an official release yet, but these seem to be the new Adidas adiPure IV SL. And my initial reaction: “Holy Batman and Robin, these things look exceptionally classy!” (I did just say that) Absolutely loving the look and design right about now!

I really don’t know too much about the boot yet as there has not been an official press release, but the upper is made of an ultra soft and lightweight K-Leather, while they also feature a sprint frame outsole that decreases weight and provides stability in play. And in similar fashion to the adiZero range, triangular stud shape offers maximum acceleration, braking and turning. The adipure SL also comes with an ergonomically pre-molded cushioned sockliner and premium lining with X-Static treatment for superb fit and temperature regulation.

The current retail price is $249.99 according to WeGotSoccer (where I found the listing and image), but for those that are Goal Club members I would hold out as the price will be lower. They are currently on pre-order with shipping available when they become available – probably late March. I would personally hold off until we know more about the range.

Stay tuned for more details on these soccer cleats as they come in!

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  1. finally! thats awesome, i have heard that these are only going to be limited edition though 🙁 otherwise why would they have this if they have leather adizeros as well

  2. so. these or the leather adizeros?

  3. I just saw this yesterday ! And I will admit they made this boot look very classy …good spot Bryan !

  4. these actually look good. A combination of the inbetween weight! Not too heavy or light. The colour combo goes alright too!

  5. hey bryan ,my predators r giving me a hard time . I m on a tight budget 60 pounds . Pls Recommend me some shoes of that range considering there is know sale of any kind and i have to buy from a store of nike and adidas . Nd I will be going to toronto in my summer vacations . Can u pls tell me bout any gud academies there i can join for summers . I have played in manchester united premier cup for my local club B FC .pls……..

  6. The best of both worlds – kanga leather and sprint frame that I enjoy running on so much. I look forward to the release of this particular boots – sound like the perfect boots for those who like to play the flank putting the crosses in with one foot, and occasional forays into the middle of the field, particularly towards the top of the box and curling a shot into the far upper 90 with the other foot

    I wish the SL lettering didn't exist but with gold stripe accents going all the way for all three stripes would be really nice.

    @ Armando,

    I would not worry too much about the seeming overlap of functions – I would think that leather adizeros would still be marketed as speedboots and Adipure SL would be treated as Adipure line's equivalent of Nike Elite series.

  7. How are these different from the regular adipures?

  8. I would just the the Leather Adizero for 220

  9. From what I understand, these will release on April 1st.

  10. @Sonny

    The biggest difference is weight. According to, the adipure sl will weigh 7.1 ounces (202 grams) where the regular adipures weigh 9.8 ounces.


    Have you heard any word on whether these will be offered in the white colorway that has been floating around on the internet or just the black one?

  11. The adiPURE SL was launched in the fall and is an Adidas "elite version" of the adiPURE IV. We look many differences between the two boots, and why Adidas decided to make an elite version of his classic boot.

    With this version Adidas created a "hybrid' version of the adiPURE, combining the outsole on the original F50 adiZERO, what decrease the overall weight of the boot. With this, Adidas is keeping the superb look/style of the adiPURE's while turning it into a one of a kind speed boot.

    On Facebook, Matthew Desmarais said: "Also these remind me of the original Vapor K's. Which were amazing cleats.". Actually, Nike did the same thing with the Vapor's offering consumers a kangaroo version.

    This mixing is target of Nike too. They are preparing an hybrid boot with the CTR360 Maestri upper and the Vapor's outsoles. I think that is Nike just decreasing the weight of CTR Maestri's and creating, like Adidas, a new order of soccer boots.

  12. I haven't heard of them coming out with a white one, I'm old school I guess, I still love my Adizero F50 cleats but I must admit, I wouldn't mind getting a pair of these SL cleats.

  13. hey bryan , got the new f10s in bright orange. Do u think I can wear them straight in a game?

  14. @Joe

    Try and get them out for a jogging session to make sure they fit your feet in the right way!

  15. hey bryan thanks for the advice I got 2 assissts playing in them.

  16. FYI to everyone saying just get leather adizeros, the big difference is the leather adizeros are NOT kangaroo leather. So you can think of these as a big upgrade to the leather adizero in terms of comfort, touch and ball control. The difference between these and Adipures isn't just the weight but also in support and traction.

    A kangaroo leather speed boot is in a different class than anything Nike has since all their Elite series are synthetics. I wonder if this was strategic. Not wearing this boot is going to be the same as not wearing copas 20 years ago. I will definitely be getting a pair as soon as I can try one on in stores.

  17. Took a little longer than we hoped but the adidas adiPure IV SL have arrived at Thanks for getting the word out on these incredible new boots.

  18. are the adipure sl available in ALL BLACK?

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