Tuesday , July 23 2024

Not A Bad Selection Today….

Top Soccer Cleats

Got out to take some pics and do some testing this morning – thought I would share this pic. Not a bad selection of soccer cleats, huh!

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  1. what i would do to have all those!

  2. Are those primes or adizeros?

  3. Bryan,

    Maybe we should have a contest about which boot you tried FIRST. Winner gets the boot of their choice.


  4. @Isaac

    Those are the regular adizero's my friend, not the primes. You can always tell if they are prime or not because the lining where the soleplate and boot meet is black.

  5. yeap their adizero's.. although bryan did mention hes getting primes:)

    Regardless… Sweet boots.. especially the ones on the sides 😉 Mizuno and D'oro's oh lordddddddddddddd beautiful boots

  6. I'd sit through a math class quietly for those mizunos

  7. Looks like a piece of heaven there….haven't seen the sun in 3 days and a dry pitch in months.

  8. Is that turf or natural grass?

  9. interested to hear how the adidas feel

  10. I totally want those really sweet looking red boots!!!

  11. morelia review please been waiting so long

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