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Zygo Deztruct Released in Australia

Zygo Football boots
Just spotted this company last week and their new soccer cleat release, the Zygo Deztruct. I have to admit that these soccer cleats are some of the strangest looking I have ever seen. I am intrigued at the idea of placing what look like suction cups you would use to pin something to your bathroom wall on the front of a soccer boot! Personally I am not too sure about the release as touch and feel on the ball are very important parts of my games, but if the likes of the Nike T90 Laser III and the Adidas Predator X are anything to go by, there are players who sway towards the idea of technology that enhances power and swerve.

Zygo are an Australian company (based out of Melbourne) who have been working on developing a cutting edge boot since 2004. The result is the Zygo Deztruct, a soccer cleat designed using strategically positioned pods along the front of the boot. For a more in-depth review of what the pods actually do, I took the below from Zygo’s website:

The pods perform like a spring, storing and releasing vital energy. The ensuing friction provides exceptional grip – assisting ball control and accuracy. The instep zone amplifies spin and swerve. Inspired by the human fingerprint, the energy pod’s design stimulates feel by absorbing pace when receiving passes, and provides larger ‘sweet-spots’ to reduce your margin for error.

Zigo Deztruct

I spoke with the Zygo team earlier in the week and they reiterated the fact that they are focusing on the Australian market to start, so don’t expect to see them in the US anytime soon. Starting locally is a very wise decision, and I wish the Zygo team every success as they look to make a name for themselves in the market. If you want to know more about the range or buy a pair, check out the Zygo website.

I know there are a lot of soccer enthusiasts from Australia that visit this site, if that is you leave us some comments on what you know about the boots and if anyone has actually worn them please let us know how they perform!

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  1. I'm from Melbourne but have never seen these boots in stores, i did see an Adelaide player wearing them once though.

  2. These remind me a lot of the Under Armour Dominate Pro, only with more rubber. I can't imagine the touch on these would be very good seeing as how there's almost half an inch between your foot and the ball.

  3. John smyczynski

    I have a Canterbury of New Zealand rugby version of the zygo I bought from the world rugby shop here in the U.S. Last year.The Canterbury version have screw in studs and a two tone (black,red)suction cups. The Canterbury version fits small.I bought a size 14 and have very little wiggel room For my toes.I used these boots for soccer in the park a couple times this past summer and wow the ball was flying like a knuckle ball pitcher in baseball moving side to side up and down.Just crazy movement like nothing I've seen before.

    They still have a size 11 available at the worldrugbyshop.Com for $34.99 Remember they fit small!!

  4. nike should buy this company than use it's technology mixed with flywire + Kanga-lite and make the T90 IV. Just a wild idea….

  5. and lower price

  6. @ OnlyFootball: I really don't see the connection to the UA Dominate. The dominate has a very clean, techy look, while this is filled with strange wavy lines and looks a bit sloppy and weird, imo.

  7. they look extremely like these:
    even the shape of the pods is the same…

  8. @hm: I was more speaking towards the shape of the boot and the design of the upper. Take away all those rubber panels other than the one on the forefoot, then remove the circles from the rubber, and you're left with a boot that has offset lacing and a rubber piece on the forefoot in a similar fashion to the Dominate. Not an exact comparison, more of a general one.

  9. Hi Bryan, thank you for the post. The Deztruct is our first release. We are planning to offer alternative versions to suit various player styles/requirements. In reply to some of the Comments: Chris – we have just started to retail the boots in Melbourne (see World of Soccer, Football Galaxy and R1 Sports). Ben – Canterbury of New Zealand previously held the global rights to the technology.

    We invite you to join our Facebook page and to follow us on Twitter, for all the latest news and developments.

  10. will we be seeing these in rebel sport?

  11. Is just a personal taste… but i think "less is more"… the technology applied in Zygo boots can serve to development of his next generation of soccer boots… maybe if the circles of the contact zones were a little lower, the visual would be better…

    I'm doubt about the look, is pretty weird to me…

    If I had to buy a soccer cleat, this wasn't my first choice.

    Sorry for the bad english.

  12. They look pretty ugly to be honest…

    To me it just looks like a rip off of Total 90 + CTR + Predators….

    It just three boots into a blender

  13. hi jeff..

    you miss the point..the technology is way advanced over the adi/nike stuff most of which is for colour only..the new f50 is so just a show pony shoe..may as well use bare feet

    the pods work..i have used them and it has more guts than any other shoe i have worn..the control/feel is no different to a pred but it just feels good..

    i used the old ccc one which was heavier and stiffer and this new one is way better

  14. Another shoe that looks amazing that we can't get a hold of in the US.

  15. While I can't give a very strong opinion on how the T90 Laser III improves shot power (I have a pair, but its my first pair of boots), the raised bumps the Zygo has look like they actually might give you more shot power… the T90 just has a bit of flat plastic.

  16. I'd like to see a player or two in the A league wearing them. I personally prefer plain leather boots for soccer but these would offer good protection of your feet. I think they would be great for AFL.

  17. Plz Continue The ''Best Cleats By Position'' Series!

    Thanks In Advance!

  18. Another power boot, at long last 😀 can't wait

  19. Hey Alex,

    where did you get them? I would love to see him in person

    it looks like Paul the octopus on your boots

    I liked the Nomis, they were really comfortable, but they're really expensive considering it's an Australian brand and wants to compete with Nike and Adidas, didn't really understand why they put the price up so high. Didn't end up buying them when I could source Nike and Adidas boots much cheaper overseas (more than 50% off)

    But I'd love to see a review on these boots. I was actually considering in getting some Mizuno Ignitus

    btw what happened with Nomis

  20. Jesus! The worst cleats ever!!

  21. @Jeff

    Nomis ranges are still available throughout shops in Australia at Rebel Sport, my local store just got new stock. Maybe they are back in business. But the Pele boots are basically the exact same shoe.

  22. @ jeff and stormy

    I use Zygo boots.

    I find them comfortable and I get better performance. It is a personal thing.

    It is easy to knock and say they look like predator,T90 etc

    After all stop knocking the Aussie brand. Would you prefer to to fill the pockets of beckham,rooney etc $$$$ with the cheap mass produced boots!!!

    Try them before you bag them.

    Well done to Zygo for having a go!! We need australian brands to grow sport in Oz.

  23. @Sean

    If these boots are priced at the $250-$300 range just like how the Nomis did I find it quite hard to persuade Aussie customers to buy even if they were selling in Rebel.

    Not that I don't want to support homegrown brands but they are priced at the same range as Nike and Adidas I think it's hard for people to consider the Aussie brand. I don't see why there is a need to match their price against near elite Adidas and Nike boots.

    It's just the same as other products, would you buy a $1000 Sony LED TV or would you buy a Kogan which is Australian owned LED TV that is also going to cost you $1000?

  24. I talked to the guy the other day and he explained that the boots probably wouldnt be in the U.S. for quite some time, unless a retailer contacts him sooner than he thinks. So maybe Bryan, considering you're tight with (Eurosport), that maybe we could sign a petition or something asking them to invest in Zygo…just a thought.

  25. Oh wow looks like an octopus, has someone ever throw this to the wall to ensure they will stick against the wall? lmao xD

    Sorry but this is just too ugly and copycat of Umbro sx flare's sole plate and cantebury's upper :p

  26. Ive seen these boots in action and if you are serious about ur game and using a boot that enhances your play then this is the boot u should be looking for. It definitely provides greater control, power and feel. It wont be long before these boots are hot property.

  27. they have very long laces and the top feels a bit uncomfortable at first although i think the red cups actually work and they are a lot firm than they look. the boot is very comfortable and very padded on the heel and especially the sole

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