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Joma Top Flex Indoor Shoe Review

Joma Top Flex indoor shoe

Next indoor shoe up for review is the very colorful Joma Top Flex. As you are probably aware, Joma are not quiet a household name when it comes to soccer shoes and cleats. However, the company’s drive to increase their presence on the market has been very noticeable in recent times, and the full spectrum of shoes available in the Top Flex range show just how serious they are! I have been quiet surprised with their all round performance through testing and I have to admit, these are a surprise package!

For review, I wore a size 9US in the Royal/Flou Citron colorway with a large collection available at

Breaking In/Comfort

One thing I have found Joma do well is create comfortable boots – as was the case with the Top Flex. They have plenty of room and a medium/wide fit, so from first wear you won’t have to stress about them being too tight. I was satisfied with a size 9US (they fit true to size) but I did find that the angle at the front of the boot is a little high and leaves an unnecessary gap. You could say that it doesn’t quiet sit snugly on your toes. But besides that, in play they turned out to be super comfortable. I think the name of the shoe is pretty self-explanatory, with the sole offering excellent flexibility as you run. Overall, I was able to wear them in a game from day 1, and they offered a higher level of comfort throughout.

Joma Top Flex Sole


For me, this is where the highlight of this range lies. The sole has a completely unique profile compared to other indoor shoes, with Joma choosing a more rounded shape and step in the middle of the shoe. This, according to Joma, means you are getting a more natural fit that offers an increased level of comfort. I tend to agree and really felt the sole was in sync with the movement of my fit. The sole is made of gum rubber, which of course is non-marking, and I found that the level of traction is about as good as you are going to get from any indoor shoe. Quick turns are a breeze and I never felt like they were going to give – something that is vitally important when playing indoor.

Joma Top Flex Indoor


Overall performance was very competitive. You can tell that Joma have put a lot of time and energy into ensuring their indoor range matches up to the best the market has to offer. As stated above, the sole is designed to give you every advantage on court and it is definitely the highlight of the shoe. The one area where I found the Top Flex struggles is touch. The area of the suede toecap that runs between the leather upper and soleplate at the front of the shoe is a little too rigid and seems to have a higher profile than is needed. In turn, this takes away from your first touch at times, and doesn’t quiet perform as well as the likes of the Nike5 Lunar Gato. In saying that, striking the ball and taking shots felt great. The suede toecap does serve its purpose to that extent and is perfectly positioned along the side of the boot.

Joma Indoor Shoes

Touch and Control

Overall, you are not going to have too many problems when dribbling or playing passes with the Top Flex. The leather upper feels great when playing passes and taking shots. The one area of concern, as stated above, is the high-profile suede toe-cap that leaves something to be desired in terms of first touch. You don’t get that all-in-one synced feel between your foot and the ball as the suede sort of doubles along the front. Maybe over time as the suede softens up this won’t be as much of an issue, but starting off it was a concern. I would not let that be the determining factor, as they still offer a great touch when on the ball.

Joma Top Flex Side

Joma Top Flex Laces

Critics Notes

In my opinion, the biggest deterrent to this release is the fact that these shoes are made by Joma rather than the likes of Adidas or Nike. Lets be honest, brand names have power. But what I have learned about Joma through this review is they can compete with the big boys! In terms of actual performance, the suede toecap cause most concern – I am not a fan of the slightly higher profile of the design.


There is no doubt that if you decide to buy a pair of Joma Top Flex indoor shoes, you are going to be satisfied. They might not be one of the bigger brand names, but having tested these I can tell you that Joma are making huge strides in becoming one of the more competitive indoor shoes on the market. They are very comfortable, and the sole offers one of the most competitive levels of traction you are going to find around. They also weigh in at 9.4oz, which is probably one of the lightest indoor shoes you will wear. Joma also include two pairs of laces with each pair of shoes (2 different colors) and you have a wide selection of colorways to choose from (as seen below)! Overall, I would say well done Joma!

Find available Joma Top Flex Shoes at

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  1. they are pretty nice. really unique idea with the suede toe-cap on the side!

  2. Hey, what is the chance of you reviewing some of the mid-range boots in comparison to the high end ones? Even if they were donated to you? For example, reviewing the T90 Strike III, CTR360 Trequartista, AdiNOVA, etc? Then people with lower budgets can determine if it is worth spending the extra for kangaroo leather vs cow leather, or a different sole, or if the shoes are more comfortable, etc.

    Also, as a suggestion, I'd like to see a review of the Joma Aguilo. It is the only boot I could find on ProDirectSoccer listed as a "wide fit". As a person with a wide foot, I find even though shoes fit comfortably when I wear them, my foot is actually wider than the sole itself, and my feet are being squashed to fit inside them, which leads to cramps when running.


  3. how is about traction on turf ? have u ever played with them on turf ? i think those are ideal for both everyday and soccer purpose so im thinking of getting them. please review traction of futsal shoes on turf next time !

    sorry for my English !

  4. hey bryan,

    nice work on reviewing these indoor boots. I was wondering if you are a familiar with the brasilian brand 'dalponte'? They aim on making futsal boots (indoor boots) try to get a pair of their cleats.

    many greetings

  5. @Vietnamese

    They are not suited for wear on turf as the sole is designed for flat, hard surfaces – and as reference, no Futsal shoe should be worn on turf!


    Hadn't heard of them before but will check them out – thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello Bryan, I will repeat my question. Is there any possibility of reviewing the Joma Aguila? It is sold as a "wide-fit" shoe on ProDirectSoccer, and I want to confirm this. Otherwise, the only way I can get an actual wide-fit shoe is by having one custom made at a much greater price, since no mainstream boot I have found fits me properly.

    I own the Nike T90 lasers and the Adizero F50's, and find they are both too narrow. I have also tried on Puma Powercats, Adidas Predators, Nike Tiempo's, Nike CTR 360's, and have found them all to be too narrow. I've tried buying T90's in a size too large but they are still narrow.

    Thank you.

    • If you, by chance, find such a wide-fit shoe, by all means, let us know! I am in the same boat with you. Have tried Asics, Nikes Laser 2, Joma Lozano. The Lozanos after being broken-in are OK wide-wise but a bit on the long side. Mizuno Sala were OK though. Havent tried Adidas or Puma – they look pretty narrow on all those photos.

  7. @Ratchet

    I will check them out – but as of right now they a review is not yet on the horizon.

  8. What about sizing of this shoes? Are they same as nike or puma, or is little bit larger? I'm wearing 10.5 US size Nike. What size of Top Flex should I buy?? Thanks 🙂

    • Cant speak of the Top Flex but I have a pair of t90 laser 2 US 10.5 (they are probably 1/2 size too small for me, I find them smallish) and I also have a pair of Joma Lozanos. They are also 10.5 US and are considerably bigger than the Nikes. I would say a full size bigger even. Or at least half a size bigger. So Id say that you should buy either 10US or 9.5 US size Jomas depending on how the 10.5 US Nikes fit you.

  9. Great review on the shoes! . However, i would like to add on that Joma makes one of the top of the line futsal shoes today. They're really popular with european and asian players and they're widely used by professional players as well…nike and adidas are not that popular in the european futsal leagues due to the fact that they make commercialised and short lasting shoes. I suggest checking out even higher end futsal shoes like Munich X and Kelme.

  10. These are great boots! for price little above 50 USD you get very flexible leather cleats. Of cource toecap is a bit high, but it protects you fingers very well. It is one of the best oprions in terms of price-to-quality. Dont forget to buy pair which fits you straight. During playing time they will stretch approximately half a size (eurporean one, eg 43=> 43,5).

  11. NOTE: Joma has been around making some of the best indoor boots since the 60s. They pretty much specialize in indoor shoes so to the reviewer: please do your homework.

  12. Anyone has any idea how is the sizing compared to the Elastico Pro to T90 IV IC? Can't find a size chart for Joma anywhere.

  13. Man,
    the best advice is to go to a sports-store and try it. Be warned – it should fit you straight. THe leather in the shoes will stretch a bit.

  14. hi can you make a review about Joma Top Flex II ? They have two type of leather (synthetic leather and leather)
    i want to know which one is better…
    Thx in advance 🙂

  15. True to size compared to what? How does the sizing of this brand compare to Nike or Adidas?

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