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Nike Mercurial Glide II Released in Photo Blue

Nike Mercurial Glide Blue

Liking this latest release in the very affordable Nike Mercurial Glide range. It is actually the Glide II and takes over from the very popular/effective original Glide series. For those players that can’t splash the cash on the Vapor VI or Superfly II, the Glide is the next best option. And if there is one thing to note about these boots, it is that they are no slouch since Nike have went spent time developing a quality alternative for players on a budget.

Blue Nike Mercurial Glide

The Mercurial Glide II features a very soft Teijin synthetic leather for supreme ball feel. There is no carbon fiber technology in the soleplate but you are getting a contoured speed last that is designed to mirror the shape of your foot. Weight wise, the glide comes in at a very competitive 9.0oz. And although this doesn’t match the likes of the Superfly, it is one of the lightest mid-range boots on the market.

Nike Mercurial Glide in Blue

One interesting note is that Nike have removed the lace cover from the new Vapor VII but decided to leave it on the glide. I guess it leaves this boot with a unique look and lets you reminisce about the good times you had with your Vapor VI! In my opinion, this looks far more exciting than what we saw on the original. I haven’t tested the Glide, but the price (around $95) combined with the all around package will appeal to many players out there.
Nike Mercurial Glide

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  1. I am surprised that you forgot to mention the Mercurial Miracles. The miracles are arguably one of the best all around soccer boots out there. They way in at a mere 8.6 ounces, have a soleplate that is incredibly easy to break in, and cost less then 100 dollars. Put those together and you have a boot that can appeal to all levels of players.

  2. Good review. I just ordered a pair of these suckers, so we will see how they do! My latest pair of shoes was Nike Mercurial Veloci…they were decent shoes, but they didn't have much padding around the toe area. So after every game, my toes would ache from pressing agains the top of my studs. Not a good scene. Hopefully, these will be as smoothe as butter. Peace.

  3. Just bought a pair of these and noticed that they come with a piece of cardboard in the laces cover. Should this be removed prior to use or is this intended to stay in there? It's a tight fit and I'm concerned about ripping the cover removing it

  4. super mercuriali ii besk ……:))

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