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Nike Mercurial Vapor VII Released

Nike Vapor VII

Right in time for all the end of season drama, Nike have released the new Mercurial Vapor VII. There are two official colorway for this release, with this post focusing on the Plum Red/White/Neon rather than the Photo Blue. Again, Nike have placed a strong emphasis on the visual characteristics of the range, with a bold Plum Red paint job and a bright volt yellow color covering the heal region.

What changes are there on this latest version of the Vapor? First is the new colorway with highly visible lightning bolt design on the heel. Next is the removal of the lace cover, something many players will be extremely happy bout as you can now tie your leases a lot more easily (and replace them when necessary). And finally, Nike have slightly altered and lowered the toe region, creating a more snug fit between the upper and your toes!  And that is it – I guess the overall success of the Vapor VI range left Nike with no doubt they have a pretty perfect design.
Nike Vapor VIINew Nike Vapor VIINike Mercurial Vapor VII
OK, so to my thoughts. I’m not too sure about the colorway or simply the premise of the new release. Starting with a positive, the one thing I do like is the highly visible volt yellow design on the boot. I think it looks far better than the heel design we saw on the Vapor VI and I will be interested to see just how it looks on the field. The actual Plum is simply a continuation of Nike’s pet project to include every color of the rainbow on one of their boots, but of course it is hard to judge until I get to see them in action. And finally, I am not sure if simply removing the lace cover checks the boxes for an official new range – just my opinion – my I am all in favor of its removal. I struggled to change the laces on the VI.

Needless to say, the Vapor VII will have a mass following (more than the Superfly in my opinion) and will sell in large quantities. Final note, Nike have continued their trend of lightweight with this version weighing in at 8.0oz.

Also released today, check out the Nike Mercurial Superfly III.

Nike Vapor VII

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  1. gonna miss the lace cover :/ they look like talarias (now sure what the ones in the vapor 6 range were called)

  2. its the same as the Vapor VI with different colors and without a lace cover….

  3. they may not have changed much but apparently the lace cover costs $40 so i'm not complaining.

  4. I like the design better than the 6's but the color is wierd.

    All they did was remove the lace cover and give you toes a more snug fit? LOL

    Worthless, Nike just wants more money.

  5. Looks like a scam to me

  6. Definitely would rather buy the Vapor VI's over this. The lace cover and color of the studs is a lot better. Plus I like the design better as well.

  7. I like the color combination and improvement of this new released. I think much better than Vapor VI.

  8. I like the new design. I like the new snugged fit in the toe area and I think they will weigh in even lighter now that they don't have the lace cover anymore.

  9. Just saw Javier Pastore of Palermo wearing these in the match against AC Milan. They look ugly to me color wise. I was hoping for better color scheme but I'm not fond of the new colors. The blue one is ok.

  10. With such few changes it is hard to even call them the vapor VII's

  11. when it comes to size-choice.. , how much space should be between your toes and the boot?
    and do they stretch alot in the front area after playing them a few weeks?

    thanks for your answers 😉

    • Moe,
      You only want about a finger width between your toe and the tip of the shoe. That is the ideal fit. The Vapor series will not stretch much as they do not have a leather upper.

    • You should have about the width of your thumb inbetween!

  12. Hey brian just wonder if you got any blisters cuz of these? the reason why I ask is after surfing a while on internet i saw some of the comments said that they had blisters and need to wear extra socks so i just need to hear your opinion.thanks.

    • Thankfully I didn't – although I have had negative experiences with some of the prior Vapor releases. Simply make sure you have the right fit (not too tight)

  13. I’m pretty disappointed in nikes new releases. The vapor and superfly are way to similar and they haven’t improved the superflys at all from the 1st to the second 1. They seem to b relying on gimmicky soleplates and studs and flashy colors to get their sales.

  14. I wore a size 7 for the first pair of nike mercurial glides that came out. The purple ones with the orange swoosh. What size should i get in these??

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