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Nike Mercurial Superfly III Released

Nike Mercurial Vapor Supefly III

Nike are setting the tone for the end of season drama we are going to see in the coming weeks with the release of the new Nike Mercurial Superfly III. The initial rollout of the range comes in two colorways; a Plum Red and a Photo Blue. I am choosing to focus on the Photo Blue version as it is my preferred release. If you are looking at the images and wondering how these are different from the Superfly II the simple answer is very little, with Nike seemingly sticking with what they perceive works.

The one striking difference is the overall visual design of the Supefly III, and quiet frankly I am a fan of this Photo Blue/Platinum/Orange. The new design is again visually enhanced to help players be noticed on the field. The orange lightning bolt design on the heel looks much better than what was seen on the Superfly II in my opinion – so that is a definite plus. The same Teijin microfiber, Flywire and Carbon Fiber soleplate are included to give you a light weight feel. Nike have also continued to include the adaptive traction system, designed to give you increased grip on soft ground. This leaves me thinking one of two things: a) Nike are satisfied with the Superfly range and can’t find many areas they feel it needs improving or b) this release is a stop gap for a newer version they have not finished developing in time.

Side Nike Superfly IIINike Superfly IIINike Superfly III

And on to my thoughts – I am not very impressed with this latest release. I do like the overall design of this boot but lets be honest, are you really going to pass the ball to a player because you spot his bright boots? What if the defender is wearing the same pair? It just seems way too gimicky for me. Having tested the Superfly II there is no doubt the boots stand out…..but who really cares. I am not a fan of the adaptive traction system either and I don’t think it is an effective component of the boot. Overall, I think Nike are going to need an overhaul of the Superfly range with its IV edition. I really like how this boot looks visually, but in my opinion, you will be overpaying to get your hands on a pair.

Also released today, check out the new Nike Vapor VII!

Nike Superfly III

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  1. I cannot stand those huge round studs!

  2. the lightning is irrelevant…

  3. love this colorway!

  4. at first I thought Nike was nuts, but now I have to admit that I'm beginning to get what they're trying to do.

    In all fairness I think Nike’s having the right idea. They probs realised they could never compete with Adidas on PURE weight, and decided to compete on something else. Instead of weight, they’re choosing instead to help the speedsters (accelerate faster) which is to get them on their toes faster and accelerate faster (which honestly is all that matter in soccer, especially over the first few metreS)

    I’ll quote Soccerbible for this

    “Whereas other boots look to gain speed through minimum weight, the Superfly III is all about accelerating you to your top speed as quick as possible.”

    I still believe their marketing strategy is nuts though. Probably Superflys should be some sort of a Limited Edt thingie, then maybe Vapors could be a knockdown version of them, with some flywire still, and remain at the same price. At least that might give them a say in the market.

  5. i like the knew design!

  6. i like the new design!

  7. @Jason

    Very well said, I think you might have hit the nail on the head with that comment!

  8. has anyone heard of the nike ctr260 gold/black.its awesome!!!

  9. Its the same boot as superfly 2 just a new paintjob nike failed….

  10. Remind me to much of broncos colors i guess. Catchy but remind me of failure

  11. soccercleats101

    I have the Vapor VII currently in review. The next best thing i can offer is a review of the Miracles

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