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Nike CTR360 Maestri II in Metallic Gold Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 23 2024

Nike CTR360 Maestri II in Metallic Gold Released

CTR360 Maestri II in Gold

Even after a week of new releases, Nike are not letting us forget about their hottest range at the moment by dropping this Metallic Gold Star/White/Black version of the CTR360 Maestri II. It has been a while since we have seen any Nike release in a Gold color, so this version is sure to gain much traction with CTR360 fans. Also worth noting is that this colorway is only being released in the regular CTR360 Maestri II range, unlike the Tour Yellow Elite version we saw released last week.

I personally like how this release looks, Nike have done a good job mixing the black with gold, although I know there will be plenty of players who would prefer an all gold release. It seems that all gold might be overly flashy, so the black region around the heel adds a tasty balance.

Nike CTR360 Maestri II GoldGold Nike CTR360

If you want to know how well the Nike CTR360 Maestri II performs, simply check out our review scores page where you will find it currently sitting top of the bunch! They offer pretty much the complete package for any player who fits the playmaker mold, or any player that aspires to be a playmaker. On field, they offer great performance and work out exactly as you would expect – and better! While dribbling, you are able to keep the ball closer to your feet by using the dampening pods up around the front of the boot. The dampening pods are raised slightly off the boot and are basically padded regions that allow for a softer touch on the ball. The side pass and control pads and the control region serves a valid purpose.

With Goal Club, you can get a pair for $162 at

Nike CTR360 Maestri

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  1. imo this is prob the better/best looking 360's out there. I suspect maybe they're trying to compete with the Adipure SL as they have the same colour scheme.

  2. If I were a Saints fan, I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Alas, I aint.

  3. yea I'm not so sure I like these…all the other colors are a lot better

  4. I like them, low profile with a flash.

  5. bryan , should i buy these or the vapor vii? my position is cam. thanks

  6. will there be the elites in this color?? because the elites are better than the regular

    • no there will not be, it is like the bluw/white colorway. It came along with the yellow/white just as the blue did with the red/white.

  7. BUY NOW link doesn't work… what happened???

  8. these remind me alot of the Kelme Diablo Aire

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