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Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra Spicy Orange Released

Lotto Zhero Gravity in Spicy Orange

All you need to do is read the official colorway of this Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra release to get an idea of what this soccer cleat is all about – Spicy Orange/Black. Kudos to Lotto for trying something completely new and for releasing what could be one of the most unusual colorways I have ever seen. It is almost a mix of red and orange, with a touch of neon undertones. You are going to look about as flashy as could be if you wear these on the field!

The Zhero Gravity Ultra was a boot that really caught my attention before I had the opportunity to test it last year. The “no lace” concept is quiet unique and sits in a whole other realm of technologically advanced boots. Add to that, the laceless design actually looks quiet nice, and if you can get the right fit they are pretty effective performance wise. One of the unique features lies along the front of the cleat, where you will notice a symmetrical design. This actually serves an important purpose, as the center of the design folds slightly to give you the best fit along the forefront of your foot.

Going back one step, the real problem with these cleats is ensuring you get the right fit – otherwise comfort is going to be a big issue. Lotto have done a lot of work to create a fit that matches several foot types, but I don’t feel like they have covered (or even can) all bases. My primary problem was that they never felt tight enough around the opening and I continually felt like I needed laces to tighten them up.

Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra Spicy OrangeSpicy Orange Lotto Zhero Gravity

Personally, this colorway is just too much for me. Although it doesn’t quiet scream “hit me with all you’ve got Mr. Defender” it does yelp “I like walking through mine fields” (whatever that means!?!). But don’t get me wrong, the colorway is sure to appeal to a particular group of players that like a unique boot not seen very often. I had the opportunity to test them and I actually do recommend trying them out at least once in your career if you get a chance – lets be honest, how many people can say they have worn a laceless soccer cleat?

Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra

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  1. bryan these were released months ago

  2. They have been available in the US around 6 weeks, but hadn't been featured on the site before!

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