Tuesday , February 27 2024

Just Arrived: Puma Faas 250 and 500

Puma Faas Running shoes

You might have spotted my random post on the recently released, super fast Puma Faas 300 running shoe last week. I was heavily impressed by the advertising campaign put together by Puma and was pretty easily persuaded to splash out on a pair. After mentioning that I was very interested in testing out the full range and comparing each version against one another, I received an email from Puma confirming they had a pair of Faas 250 and 500 in the mail for me to review!

Today, both pairs arrived. The Faas 250 is the lightest version in the range and is pictured at the front in the New Navy/Blueatoll/Dandelion, while the more cushioned Faas 500 is the more colorful Fluo Green/Silver/Navy. Both versions are very unique and pretty much polar opposites in how they are put together. The upper of the 250 is pretty extraordinary to look at, basically it is just a very, very thin layer of mesh that is completely see through – if you run in warm conditions these will be the pair for you! The 500 is built with more cushioning, and my initial walk around the house in the 500 felt like I was walking on air – super comfortable!

With all of that being said, for my run in the morning I will be wearing the Faas 500! Stay tuned for reviews of both and a full comparison of how they compare to each other. You can check out the full Puma Faas range at the Puma Store.

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  1. these seem like really good runing shoes!

  2. nice. so how much does each one cost? and how much do they weigh?

  3. I'm getting the Faas 250 this weekend, they look sick & will be awesome to train in.

  4. Ever try Vibrams?

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