Thursday , April 11 2024

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III – CR Edition

CR7 Superfly Safari II

Nike have just released the latest boot designed for Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo – the CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly III.

After mixed success with the initial Superfly Safari release, I have a feeling that this design is going to receive a much more positive reaction. The print is still Safari, but this time around it is a more subtle black-on-black, and it has been reinvigorated on the second evolution of Cristiano Ronaldo’s boot, wrapping the entire boot and laces for a bold blacked-out effect. I personally like this version a lot more than the original Safari release, with the black on black adding a subtle yet modern look.

CR7 Safari II Black

A very distinctive volt green geometric pattern on the heel and trademark swoosh wrapping the forefoot gives the boot a highly visual appearance. And just in case anyone is confused, you are getting the same boot and performance level as the Superfly III that was recently released – just with a different design.

To add even more hype to the game, Cristiano Ronaldo will debut the CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly III during the “El Clasico” battle with Barcelona on Saturday, April 16th! What a game that is going to be.

Nike Superfly III Safari

CR7 Safari II Detail


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  1. Sooooo koool but dnt have more money and wasted it on Vapors that didnt fitt me!!! i wanted to like donate some boots @ least Pirma but didnt listen oh and my boots are customized so idk:(

  2. These boots are very nice. So nice in fact that I am considering actually buying Nike Mercurials. Too bad this colourway isn't featured on the Nike Tiempo's or Adipure's. Granted, not a heritage look, but I would like a modern look with the classic shoe.

    • Are you kidding me??? This print should not be on either of those boots you listed. That is sacrilege.

      • How so? I find the "heritage" boots are better than most of the newer boots in comfort and performance, but I also like some of the more modern colourways. And I would hardly consider it sacrilege. In case you have forgotten, we are talking about shoes here.

        • I totally agree that heritage boots are better than most of the newer boots. I am a huge heritage boot fan and thats all I own. If you want something modern in colorways go for the red or white adipures/tiempos.

          • But red boots are too flashy/cocky, and white boots are too hard to keep white. Frankly, black/green boots have already been done, this is just a modern version of black/green.

      • The newer boots are lighter than the old ones!! Look at the new F50 adizero Prime !!! 5.1 ounces the loghtest boot ever!!!!

  3. These are soooo nice…hopefully they come out with a gato version of these

  4. This is a great blog, I always go on here before even thinking of ordering a pair of boots! Thanks so much!!
    Now is there any way we pre-order these boots?

  5. sweet shoe…i like em…if they were wide enough…id wear them….out

  6. i prefer the other colurways.

  7. SUCH an improvement over the old CR Superfly II's…I think Nike figured out blatant stupidity on cleats doesn't improve sales much

  8. do you know if they will also be availabe in the mercurial miracle II style???

  9. Definitely better than the safari colorway. That one reminded me of an ugly girl it hurts to look at. Still, probably won't be getting these in my lifetime.

  10. is it just me, or are the back studs just immense?

  11. But what does the instep mean ? like wat is the design?

    • The instep is the just the inside part of the shoe. The design is slightly different than the lasted releases Superfly II. It was said to be done because they wanted too add more flair to the shoe, to represent Ronaldo even more.

    • Your instep is the top part of your foot you use to strike the ball for power shots and long balls. Its the same area on the shoe.

  12. Yes, read above, someone else already asked that.

  13. I am sorry, but these boots are just odd. I mean, who the heck in their right mind would put such a print on a boot? It looks like it has a disease.

    • hahaha after u mention that, i agree. but compared to all the other designs of the Superfly III, i wuld say this is the most appealing of them all.

  14. xxxxx this one is so cheap! sounds good!

  15. Whats different from the cr9 safaris than the regular superfly2/3

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