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Latest Colorful Adidas adiZero Prime Released

adidas F50 adizero Prime Anodized Purple

This is about as colorful as you can get on a new release! The latest addition to the Adidas F50 adiZero Prime range comes in a wild Anodized Purple/Electricity/Infrared colorway. There is absolutely no doubting that you are going to be spotted pretty easily if you are wearing a pair of these on the pitch! Because of the range of colors used, they almost have a sort of rainbow effect about them!

The F50 adiZero Prime currently holds the title for lightest soccer cleat on the market, at a featherweight 5.1oz. Having tested the Prime, I can tell you that everything about them is built for speed, right down to the Kevlar laces that Adidas use. I was very surprised with the ease for which they break-in, and the comfort through testing was very competitive. You are of course giving up protection and durability, but if you take this into consideration before buying a pair you are going to love what the adiZero Prime has on offer.

Purple adidas F50 adizero PrimeAnodized Purple adizero Prime

This colorway is pretty bold and sure to appeal to players who like to make a statement. The mix of purple and infrared on the adiLite single layer synthetic upper, matched with a clash of Electricity yellow detailing, makes for an unmistakable look. Personally, not my style but I can’t see a mass demand for this release. The adiZero Prime retails for $300, which is a hefty investment for most players. Are they worth the money? You will certainly notice the weight difference in game and they offer a high level of performance – it depends on whether you are willing to spend that amount on a pair!

Adidas adiZero Prime

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  1. My eyes! My eyes! It Burns!!!!

    first btw

  2. For some reason this has me thinking Magneto even if the colors are off.

  3. If I wanted to be slagged for the rest of my life I would wear these.

  4. My 3 year old likes these colors…

  5. Do these fit true to size?

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