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Adidas F50 adiZero Prime Review

Adidas F50 adiZero Prime

When it comes to the current market, winning the lightweight battle seems to be top of the list for the big companies. Puma have the 5.3oz V1.10 SL and Nike have the 7.8oz Superfly III, but the current leaders are Adidas with their super lightweight release of the F50 adiZero Prime – at 5.2oz. One of the biggest difficulties these companies encounter is trying to incorporate comfort while reducing the amount of materials used. The big question is have Adidas managed to pull it off with the lightest soccer cleat on the market? Having recently tested the regular F50 adiZero, I was keen to get my hands on the Prime for comparison.  For testing, I wore the synthetic version of the Lightning White/Radiant Pink/Cyan colorway in a size 9US.

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Breaking In
I find it pretty amazing that Adidas have found a balanced formula between lightweight and comfort that works, but they have. Because there is so little material included in the construction of the adiZero Prime, my initial fear centered on how they would break in. To my surprise, the answer is surprisingly well. The region around the ankle and down along the heel is protected in just the right way with pretty minimal padding used. Add to that the fact the adiLite single layer upper has a very soft feel, and I would imagine most players will have these broken in after the first wear.

adiZero Prime image

Having had their record breaking lightweight 5.8oz adiZero beaten by the Puma V1.10 SL, Adidas decided to get their title back with the release of the Primes. At 5.2oz, these things are almost featherweight! Adidas use a single layer upper (called adiLite) that includes no foam or lining, leaving it about as light as you can get. For comparison, if you add the weight of the left and right Prime, it comes in at a very similar weight to one Adidas adiPure IV boot – and I consider the adiPure to be decently light at 9.8oz!

Adidas F50 adiZero Prime up close

Comfort and Fit
The adiLite upper used on the adiZero Prime actually has plenty of give to allow for a medium to wide fit – something that makes the shoe quiet unique. I wore a size 9US and they fit perfectly, so order true to size. Throughout testing, I only encountered one issue around comfort and that was the insoles. I started with the comfort insoles, but they started to move after a few games. I switched them out for the ultra-light insoles and this solved the problem. I have a feeling it was more of an issue with the insole than the boot – but I am interested to find out if other players have this issue.

adiZero Prime Sprintframe

The advancements on this range include a lightweight Last (soleplate), adiLite synthetic upper and the pretty advanced TPU support bands. All of these components combine to make the lightest shoe on the market. You can see the TPU support bands by looking inside the boot. It runs along both sides of the boot and is designed to decrease weight while maintaining a decently sturdy upper. Adidas push the boundaries with every aspect of this boot, so they easily qualify as technologically advanced.

I love the Lightning White/Radiant Pink/Cyan colorway that I tested. They would actually go pretty well with something Captain America would wear! But seriously, the one issue with the lightning white colorway is the fact they scuff pretty easily. The other colorways currently available include an Anodized Purple/Electricity, that might be better options if you want a clean looking boot.

F50 adiZero Prime Sole

Durability and Any Stud Issues?
My one concern centers around durability. To date, the upper is in good condition, but I can tell that they will start to wear at a certain point. To be honest, there is a trade off when you choose lightweight soccer cleats, and that is in durability and protection. The upper is not designed to withstand a full season like heavier boots that are built with more steel. Thankfully for professional players, they can change every week and don’t have to worry about a season’s wear. That is something that is important to keep in mind if you decide to order a pair. You will need to work on cleaning/drying them after each training and game to keep them in top shape.

I have worn them several times to date and encountered no issues with the multi-colored studs. In saying that, I will keep this post updated if any issues do arise. As it stands, and having recently tested the regular F50 adiZero, I really don’t anticipate the studs breaking.

adiZero Prime

The trade-off of durability and protection for a lightweight cleat is the biggest negative for players who are relying on their pair lasting at least a season. Also, the lightning white colorway that i wore turned out to be challenging to keep clean. The only other negative was the insole that moved during play – resolved by replacing it with the ultra-light version.

There is no disputing that the adiZero Prime pushes the boundaries in terms of technologically advanced soccer cleats. I was very surprised with the ease for which they break-in, and the comfort through testing was very competitive. You are of course giving up protection and durability, but if you take this into consideration before buying a pair you are going to love what the adiZero Prime has on offer. In game, they offer fantastic feel on the ball and you will notice a difference in weight as you move. In terms of positions, quick wingers and forwards are going to benefit from wearing them most, with playmakers also a favorable candidate. They have a list price around the $300 mark, meaning you need to be sure they are the pair for you before buying. But – since posting, there have been some great deals made available!

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  1. Good review Bryan. i wish i could feel these in real life!
    i bet if you threw them in mid air, they might float.

    question: how is the touch compared to the Puma SL?
    .1 oz is something im willing to give up for better touch, especially because thats like a piece of paper in weight

    • Danny, I personally prefer the upper used in the V1.10 SL and they suit the shape of my foot a lot better…so I have a bit of a bias! But the touch on these is very competitive!

  2. I'm not sure about the new adizero's, but if anyone is thinking about buying them I had last years version and they tore within 6 months. Yes, they are light and fairly comfortable, but the downside is that they rip easily, don't have as good "touch" and offer zero protection not to mention they aren't going to make you faster. They look cool and are light though.

  3. Bryan,
    I don't know if your math adds up with the comparison of these boots to the adipure IV. Are the boots 5.2 oz a piece or together? If they are 5.2oz a piece I think they would weigh more than one of the adiPure IV boots at 9.8oz.

    • He said it was a "similar" weight, not exact. It is just a comparison to how light the primes are compared to a decently weighted cleat. and yes, 2 primes is .6 oz heavier than one Adipure cleat, but again, it is a comparison.

  4. "The trade-off of durability and protection for a lightweight cleat is the biggest negative for players who are relying on their pair lasting at least a season"
    Does f50 adizero 2 leather last long? How long do you think adizero leather is gonna
    last if i clean it and put on some leather balsom after every single trainings and games?

    Thank you and really nice review !

    • I've worn the original chameleon F50 leathers for about 3 seasons now. The leather is a little worn, but no signs of ripping.

  5. Great review as always. I'm not a light cleat wearer (Nike Tiempo Legend ll) but these are some great looking cleats. The only thing is the graphic on the toe which kind of makes you feel like you aren't running properly. I tried out a buddies pair of Warning/Black. Threw me for a loop.

  6. I'm still sticking with the V1.10 SL, but I will be wearing these for the next few weeks to test durability! Not sure about the laces, I will research!

  7. Nice review, think they are trying a little too hard to get the weight down. you should review the adipure sl.

  8. Another great review Bryan.
    A couple questions:
    I live in Seattle, a very rainy climate. Would you recommend investing in leather or synthetic adizeros to cope with the ever-changing weather conditions?
    second: is this colorway brighter in person?
    All the best.

  9. nice review brian.
    for some reason i think the f50 adizero leather is the best option there in terms of combination of lightweight, durablity and value.
    especially that messi wears them:)

  10. I agree with Sam, I would like you to do a review on the adipure Sls please 🙂

  11. Which do you prefer the f50 adizero 2 or the f50 adizero prime? and why?

    • The new colours of adizero are not adizero 2 they are the same boot though they changed the colours and pattern the only difrence is that the new ones have a slightly different tongue.

  12. My near 16 year son is a left boot, midfielder in club, most fields are grass, some synthetic searching for an overall good cleat for. He is looking @ Nike Men's Total90 Laser III FG vs Adizero. What do you think? And what are the differences between leather v synthetic?

  13. what ever happened to the kevlar laces?

  14. I'll stick with superflys. too thin for a cb/rb like me

  15. I really like these ones but WAY to much :0 Guys know any other goods one on this site??

  16. How well do these mold to the foot compared to the leather ones? Would you recommend getting the Prime or Leather?

    • soccercleats101

      I personally prefer the feel of leather, but it is down to what suits each players. The primary benefit in my experience is better touch on the ball.

  17. what would you recommend more, the adizero ii or the primes. which one is more comfortable, and easier to break in?

    • Well, If it's prime vs synthetic ii's, then go with prime. but if its primes vs leather ii's, go with leather for better comfort, touch, protection, and durability, but it will take a little bit longer to break in, but it's worth it. Plus Messi wears the leather, i would go with leather!

  18. Dear Brian,

    My Adipure 3's size is 9.5UK (10US) and it fits snugly.

    Should I go for the same size with these as well for the same snug fit?

    How wider/narrower than an Adipure 3 do you compare these to be? The Adipure 3 is just a tad too wide for me. Please let me know your comment on this.

    THANKS A BUNCH!!! Keep up the great work, Brian!!! 🙂

  19. Jonathan Malikowski

    Would these last more than 3 months?

  20. Bryan or anyone i really need to know how to clean these…. help ? What should i use… and how to use it… I know it comes with a cloth and i want to keep the boots in top shape….

    • Your best bet is to use a kitchen wipe – honestly, there is more benefit to using it and the chemicals than not. They should easily remove and scuffs without damaging the synthetic upper.

      • Thanks for replying its an honor to be conversing with you… a kitchen wipe huh… what about the cloth it comes with? And what chemicals ? Or just soap and water?

        PS: Important: I used the cloth with water on both cleats… one more than the other and one seems a little heavier… why and how to fix?

        Thanks so much

        • Try using a Clorox wipe, or even something as simple as a baby wipe! I'm not too sure about the weight issue, maybe try stuffing them with newspaper to dry them out!

  21. How are these holding up after 3 months?

    • I haven't used them in a few weeks – but they are still in good condition after an extended testing period. I did, however, have to clean them pretty regularly as the upper scuffs.

  22. i have the adizero ii's (not primes) and i used double insoles to fix the stud pressure issue.

  23. I’m thinking of getting a new pair of cleats. Can I have some advice of choosing between Adizeros or Adizero Primes?

    • If you are speaking of the first gen adizeros, they are not a bad choice by any means. I wore them for two seasons as a defensive midfielder and they have been brilliant. I am, however, getting the new Adizero primes, so we'll see how they work out!

  24. can someone show me what scuff looks like?

    i keep seeing 'scuff' but dont know what it is..

    • A scuff is like a black mark that appears on the cleat from playing on turf.(usually happens to lighter color uppers and synthetics)

  25. Thanks for the awesome review 🙂
    Few questions. How is the leather and the prime sizing wise? I'm thinking of getting both. I tried of the normal f50 adizero sythetic ones and I was a size 7.5 – 8. So would I need to get the same size for both?
    7.5 was really tight fit with normal socks on so I was thinking maybe get 8 since I would be wearing soccer socks.
    What do u think?

  26. would you reccomend these or ctr 360 2 elite for center mid or winger

  27. how woul you clean the primes like any synthetic?

  28. Thanks for the article. How do the studs do on artificial ground? Do you have any issue with them?

  29. Ok so since I like your reviews in all, I need your opinion, of all 3 adizero 2 boots (leather, synthetic, and primes) which do you recommend? I play in highschool and am one of the fastest and want to improve accuracy and power in shots and passes, and speed. So of the three, which can you recommend for my situation.

  30. Im looking to buy either the adizero 1's or the adizero 2's. I dont know which ones to get. Do they both have the same fit? Also how is the sizing in these, i wear a sixe 10.5 in vaporsn what should i get in these?, please help

    • The adiZero 1+2 are built using the same fit, so there is no difference. Also, this is a review for the prime version rather than the regular – don't mix that up! Compared to the Vapor, they offer a pretty similar fit.

      • bryan i am trying to decide b/w these and vapor viis after all my research and times trying them on i would think the vapors would be more durable on natural grounds do you agree? having previously worn vapor iis and original adizeros i think i am going to go with the vapor viis unfortunatly i was on day late in using your 20 percent off at wegotsoccer i had the stuff in my cart but decided to do it in the morning and it was too late i called them but they did not budge for 20 percent on a non sale item. i need discouts just to offset the shipping and duties i will have to pay to get them to toronto will have to wait for the price reduction when the vapor viiis are released in a few weeks anyways sizing… alll my shoes are size ten never had a blister in life vapor viis 9.5 tight in the midfoot and toe has no room to move. size tens are perfect in the midfoot but a tad long in the toe box. all your reviews say to buy your usual size what do u think in re to sizing with the vapor 7 also do u agree with my durability thoughts compared to the primes? thanks bryan

  31. These f50 prime or superfly III? I want best traction and best stud configuration. I play in muddy conditions (to the point where I slide and the studs are completely covered) But its also a desert out here. So it gets pretty dry. I want good fit around my foot, I don't mind long break ins. Whatever gets best fit (comfortability) in the end. I do like lightweight though, which is no contest on these two boots. But I heard that the f50 feel like a shoe stripped down and doesn't give that full boot feel. I mean is it gonna have better shooting than sf3? I just really really want good traction, but also durability. I need them to last at least 1 season, hopefully 2, which lasts longer? Do they really make me faster? Thank you for your response. Need it ASAP!!!

    • No boots make you faster, so never base your choice on a boot because you think it will. The F50 Prime is lighter, which in turn can give you more of a psychological advantage. But from what you described, it seems like the Superfly would be a better option. FlyWire in the Superfly's upper envelops your foot and gives excellent support, plus they have the adaptable stud in the front that will offer better traction. Durability wise, the Superfly is also a way better option. But, with that being said, you will experience a much longer break in time with the Superfly, something to note!

    • Whats the best colorway for superfly 3's? The Court Purple/Metallic Luster/Magenta ones, or the Volt/Imperial Purple Retro/Volt? My soccer jersey is white with maroon, black socks and club is navy blue and red with white socks. In case if that helps.

  32. hey i have the same cleats and they are 9 1/2 size and are great, but my feet are about that size and on the side of the shoe it scrunches a little. I just thought that i should ask u that thanks.

  33. am currently in an U15 comp and just bought a pair, and am worried they might not last the season without breaking, what can i do to ensure they last with maximum quality?

  34. Hi Bryan

    how would you recommend cleaning these boots?

  35. hi. nice review.
    i usually wear size 10 cleats, but for the f50 adizero ii's i had to wear a 9.5.
    if i order primes, which size should i get? is the prime sizing the same as the normal adizeros?

  36. I waited until recently to get these since the price dropped and I can tell you they are the best I've ever had! I got the Blue/Slime/White and the touch is like being barefoot and for those who worry about protection like Bryan, get over it!!! Anytime you are going to be stepped on in a game it is going to hurt and I don't really care what boot you are wearing, but the diffence between protection on a Predator at 7.8 oz and Primes isn't going to matter much so I think that is overhyped.

  37. PART II

    I also noticed Bryan has these rated as a 5 for Performance and a Puma Evospeed 1 as a 8.5. This is ridiculous! You cannot get any better touch, control than the Primes… Maybe shooting loses some power? I haven't noticed a loss compared to my Adipowers in all honesty so I'm not quite sure how he is rating these as a 5.

  38. If you don't have touch or control with bare feet, then you JUST DONT HAVE IT and these are as close as you will get. I really liked the Adipowers, but in all honesty these are on a different level. Adipowers are much stiffer and don't have nearly the touch/control yet Bryan gave them a "9" which is way off base. Also, durability isn't any different from one boot to the next. I thought the Adipowers were solid like tanks and then after 6 months I got tearing. After 6 months of the T90 Lasers I lost cleats and had tearing, after 6 months of the Adizero I I got some tearing. Maybe the leather shoes hold up better, but I would say all in all, I buy one pair a year. Oh, and the primes not only make you feel like you can dribble through the entire Manchester United defense, they stand out and look awesome!!! Sorry Bryan, you are waaaay off base on this review. I love the Primes!!!!

  39. Hi there,i hv prob with this boots where my foot fit nicely but during games i can feel that my foot is off the edge of the outsole. Im like physically step on the edge of the outsole every games and it creates blister( for left foot it is blistering on right at the end of my toe right). I manage to avoid this if i wear my old adidas predator south whats seems the prob?is it my feet is wide? In terms of fitting,i feel just nice.pls email me back bcos im dying to get a new pair and could u please recommend me a few boots?tqvm

  40. good review…
    I,m a defender so plz tell me that which toe is suitable for mee addidas f50 prime fg or adidas f50 adizero micoach.
    plz reply soon.

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