Tuesday , February 27 2024

Breaking in the Nike Superfly III Safari

Safari and Cleatskin

It might look a little funny, but I have reverted to wearing CleatSkins over my Nike Superfly III Safari the past few days, in an effort to break them in!

It has been a pretty consistent pattern with the Elite range that I have tested – breaking them in seems to take longer than any other boots! The soleplate feels super stiff causing them to be uncomfortable to play in. I have worn them in several jogging sessions to date and they have been fine. But when it comes to twisting and turning, they just feel too firm and have caused my feet to cramp. Not exactly what you want from a $360 boot.

So, the solution is wearing them around with the use of CleatSkins! It looks odd and I actually got some comments while out of the house earlier, but all in the name of putting a solid review together – right!?! As an update, I am currently working on a full review of the Nike Vapor VII, which have performed super well to date. That review will come first, followed by the Superfly Safari once I get to wear them in a few games!

If you are interested in a pair of CleatSkins, the soccer range is available for $25. Alternatively, they have a new selection featuring team crests that look pretty cool for $30 (minus 10% if you use code cleats10)

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  1. well i guess that's not a positive sign. i seriously think the adizero or puma sl are the better options for speed boot as they are much cheaper and lighter and more comfortable!
    anyway thanks for your effort bryan and waiting to read the review.

    • Yeah but the superfly is quite comfortable when broken in, is not paper thin so of you get stamped on your feet will take less of the blow, and the stiffness of the upper means they arr great to hit the ball with. Best traction of any boot I’ve worn too

      • I do agree about SF not been pape thin( that's why they are not light) but I believe that adizero have the best traction. I have both and traction plus turning on Adizeros is phenomenal!

  2. heck yea Bryan anything for a good review!!

  3. after all they are specifically designed and measured for ronaldo

  4. your cleat collection probably looks like heaven lol.

  5. to ali, they apparently changed the flywire, and the fit as well.

  6. I want the Cleatskin!! but they dont deliver to singapore!! i really it as i wear my cleats in my house often to break them in more so i dont wanna damage my studs!! is it possible to work something out??

  7. This concept of breaking boots in just goes to show you how boots have 'devolved' over the years. You can just buy a pair of Copas or something like that and they are comfy from day one! No gimmicks needed!

  8. I soak them in hot water, let them dry for a bit, and then train in them. Although they might still be a little wet the upper won't be as stiff. I've heard pros do it as well.

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