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Just Arrived: Adidas adiPure IV SL - Nike Vapor VII - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Just Arrived: Adidas adiPure IV SL – Nike Vapor VII

adiZero SL arrived

Well, not quiet just arrived, but I have both the Adidas adiPure IV SL and the Nike Mercurial Vapor VII currently in review. I am excited to test both, and should have full reviews posted in the next few weeks. The adiPure SL comes in a pretty sweet package that includes a cleaning cloth, boot bag and some Adidas leather food – ideal for keeping the super soft upper in prime condition. The Vapor VII, which is in the Red Plum colorway, comes with a boot bag in the same color.

The biggest question is, which review do you want to see first? I am leaving it completely up to you guys – which ever boot gets the most votes in the below poll over the next few days will be featured first!

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Vapor VII arrived

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  1. I gotz to know how the SL competes with the leather version of the F50…

  2. I don't care which one you do first, Bryan. They are both great boots, and I'm really excited for both reviews.

    And we will get to see both reviews anyway. Doesn't really matter to me which one is first.

    Or, I think the first one to be put one should be the one you liked the most. That's what you should do.

  3. Are you getting the superfly iii in for review?

    • Yes please, would like to see a superfly iii review as well! thanks alot, keep up the awesome job u are doing 🙂

  4. Ijust bought a par of the new Nike vapors .. Itsgot a great feel n touch to it.. I jus love da color… Very attractive I must say.. Anyways the shoes is light n more comfortable than other previous vapors n plus they don’t have the teijin upper lase cover.. I never liked dat one.. So at last I found a shoe I really wanted .. The superflyes r cool but too expensive.. About the shoes performance. I’d say it’s da best frm da other previous shoes I had… I would say it can worn by a player fr any position. The only down point would b dat it’s not leather n so da ball can slip frm ure foot whn it’s raining… But thn with leather shoes u have to be more careful about keeping it clean .. Whereas the vapors r very easy to clean becaus of it’s material.

  5. even in the box they make me want to eat them!

    i think ex copa mundial wearers would love the SL, better traction for those wet days!

    • What they won't like is the price, unfortunately.

      That was the great thing about the Copa. They are all around good boots, for a fraction of the price of a high end boot.

      I'm sure the SL is a great boot. No doubt about it. But it might be a little harder to sell than the Copa. Especially when you can get the Adipure for about half the price.

      But like I said, definitely not taking anything away from the SL. I personally love the way they look. And can't wait to hear how they perform.

      • I thought Copas were one of the most expensive boots at the peak of their market. But these seem reasonably priced compared to their competition at least.

        • Indeed they were. I think they were about $100 or slightly under that in the mid 80's. Adjusted for inflation, it would be about $200 today.

  6. Interested to see the Adipure SL review, I've had them for a few games now and really like them.


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