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Bumpy Pitch and Nike – The Rivalry Pack

The guys over at our favorite soccer clothing line, Bumpy Pitch, have teamed up with Nike to create a pair of t-shirts that are inspired by one of the greatest rivalries in International soccer – USA vs Mexico. And it seems like perfect timing right now with the Gold Cup in full flow. I have a feeling we might see both teams going head to head in the final!

The idea behind this rivalry pack explores the rich rivalry between the US and Mexico. The design incorporates elements of domination over one another, but also touches on the high level of respect for the rivalry and an understanding that we need our fiercest rivals to always inspire us to be greater. In my opinion, both countries only make each other stronger by improving their own game – it is a case of “I will be better than you!”

If you want to read the full scoop on the concept behind each t-shirt, head over to the Original Winger website, otherwise, check out our summarized take below.

The US version comes in a red with a diagonal navy strip. The concept behind the design is Dominance, with the Eagle crushing an el tri pendant. Dominance has been the US trend over the past few years, so the design only seems fitting!

Bumpy Pitch and Nike - USA

The Mexico version comes in a black with a dark gray diagonal strip. the concept behind this one is Strength and Pride, with an eagle hovering over a broken US crest and holding the “Don’t thread on me” snake in its mouth. Ouch!! Makes me think that Mexico have a serious point to prove!!

Bumpy Pitch and Nike - Mexico

Both designs are sweet and offer completely different looks. And to complete the collection, you will find a printed inscription on the inside of each t-shirt, sitting along the heart, that talks about the importance of the rivalry – a really effective touch in my opinion! If you want to check them out, or anything else the guys have created, head over to the Bumpy Pitch store.

USA Mexico Rivalry

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