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Best Cleats By Position: Goalkeepers

GK Cleats

Goalkeeper – For every player on the soccer pitch, finding the right pair of soccer cleats is paramount to ensuring you are performing at the highest level come the first whistle. Each position is going to have specific boots that are more suited than others. So, in our Best Cleats by Position series, we take a look at what boots suit the needs of each playing position on the soccer pitch.

They say the best form of attack is defense and all that you need to do is keep a clean sheet to get at least a draw! This of course means, in most cases, your goalkeeper is going to be the one that needs to make one or two key saves per game in order to keep that clean sheet. In order to perform to the highest level, the right pair of gloves matched with the right footwear is absolutely crucial. Whether it is coming off your line quickly, or playing a long ball down field, having a responsive, comfortable soccer cleat can make a huge difference. In order to define the best cleats for goalkeepers, the following criteria come into play:

  • Traction – Quick footwork is always going to play a big role in how a keeper performs. Whether it is clearing a long ball in the area or coming off your line to cover a one on one , if a keeper doesn’t have the right traction it can result in mistakes – and mistakes result in giving up goals!
  • Power – Kick outs, punts, long balls from back passes – knowing how to strike a long ball is a key attribute for any goalkeeper! You are going to be looking through the power range of soccer cleats to find one that suits your kicking style.
  • Comfort – Unlike outfield players, a keeper needs to keep on his toes at all times, often bouncing so that he is ready to dive when needed. Having a comfortable cleat will add confidence to any keepers game.

Adidas predator X electric poppy

Adidas Predator X

One of the most reliable soccer cleats on the market is the Adidas Predator X. It seems that the Predator range suits nearly every player on the field, and a keeper can gain terrific positives from wearing them. I don’t think I need to tell you that the Predator falls into the power range, so these are a perfect match for knocking long balls all over the field. One of the benefits in my opinion is that the current strike zone on the Predator X has a slightly grippy feel, so the ball is easy to keep close to your feet. The inclusion of a newly developed internal chassis construction helps redirect power through the powerspine for maximum power without giving up energy. This results in a more direct power into the ball while offering important metatarsal protection. The Adidas Predator X is definitely one of the best options for goalkeepers in my opinion.

Adidas Predator X

Puma PWR-CT White

Puma PWR-CT 1.10

One of the most commonly worn soccer cleats amongst professional goalkeepers is the extremely powerful Puma PowerCat. I personally really enjoyed wearing the PowerCat for review and found them to be a very stylish cleat that offered a competitive level of comfort. The new 3D Power Shooting Technology is the highlight of this range, with the tiered looking design creating much inquisitiveness after release. The official term is SpringTech foam ridges, and they are designed to increase shooting power while maintaining touch and feel on the ball. The benefit of having this technology is that it has high rebound properties that does not absorb the typical amount of energy on ball impact, meaning more power is released when you shoot. Finally, Puma are using a new anatomically shaped PowerLast that is an updated version of the AptoLast. The PowerLast provides additional volume to the forefront and instep of the foot – ideal for keepers who need to be on their toes at all times! If I was a keeper, these would be my preferred choice.

Puma PowerCat

Nike T90 Laser III

Without a doubt, these are the top option for amateur and semi professional goalkeepers around the country. Again, the key to this boot is power, with the T90 Laser III featuring five strategically positioned pods along the strike zone, designed to adsorb pressure as you strike the ball. Also, the addition of TPU fins that sit on a honeycomb panel are designed to flex on contact with the ball, acting like a car suspension system in a sense. The T90 Laser are an ideal addition for goalkeepers who need a little extra cushion when controlling back passes. It helps kill the ball, rather than have it bounce off your foot. After testing, I had some initial comfort issues with the T90 Laser III that were related to the shape of the boot.

Nike T90 Laser III

Team Red Nike Tiempo Legend

Nike Tiempo Legend

Not all keepers desire power, with a comfortable, stable boot preferred. The ideal option in this case is the very consistent performing Nike Tiempo Legend. Featuring a super soft leather upper and lightweight soleplate, the Tiempo Legend offers an ideal solution for keepers who want to be super quick on their feet without giving up a lot of protection properties. You don’t get any added technology around the strike zone, but for most high profile keepers, this is not an issue. If you are confident in how you strike the ball, consider the Tiempo as a very good option. For those who want an even lighter boot, there is an Elite version available.

Nike Tiempo Legend

Other options worth checking out:
Adidas Copa Mundial
Umbro Speciali
Nike CTR360 Maestri
Joma Total Fit

What Goalkeepers are currently wearing: (as of Apr 2011)
Edwin Van der Sar (Man Utd) – Adidas Predator X
Iker Casilles (Real Madrid) – Reebok Valde Pro
Peter Cech (Chelsea) – Adidas Predator X
Joe Hart (Man City) – Umbro Speciali
Pepe Reina – Joma Total Fit
Tim Howard (Everton) – Nike Tiempo Legend
Kasey Keller (Seattle Sounders) – Puma PWR-CT
Hugo Lloris (Lyon) – Nike Tiempo Legend
Shay Given (Man City) – Puma PWR-CT
Hans-Jörg Butt (Bayern Munich) – Adidas Copa Mundial
David De Gea (Atletico Madrid) – Nike T90 Laser
Manuel Neuer (Schalke 04) – Adidas Predator X
Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax) – Adidas Predator X
Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) – Puma PWR-CT

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  1. Adidas is the best option for style and comfort!
    This boot offers great touch, traxion, and POWER!!!!
    this boot will give you the power you will need to get the ball out of the 18 – yard no problem!
    i really recommend this to any goalkeeper who is really wanting to play well in his 18- yard!
    really good boot!
    ( i play U- 14 Gold, and my Brother plays U- 21 for our national team in Canada, he also has the same opinion!)

  2. Bryan I imagine that there is only one more position left to do after this my personal favorite (seeing as I love to play there) the Outside Back! That is unless you feel the need to do one for the managers 😉 Actually it may seem ridiculous but I would be interested if you could find out what Professional Managers do where lol!! Either way I love these pieces and the site keep it up!!

  3. Hi bryan i love these Best Cleats By Postion post! Could you make wing backs next 🙂 and also can you post these more often too 😉

  4. Maybe full back and wing back separate or other choice like winger as there are those two types of full backs

  5. I've always seen puma kings as a common choice amongst semi-pro teams to high school keepers, including mine. Huh, must just be a regional thing…

  6. Nike developed its supercharged Nike Elite Series football boots that provides new levels of performance. Nike designers have reduced the weight of each boot so players can perform at their best.

    Nike Legend

  7. The Mercurial Vapor is a football boot manufactured by Nike. This boot is known for being lightweight, the latest versions weighing 185 g (6.5 oz) per boot. Because of this, the boot is favoured by many players that speed is a very important part of their game, especially wingers or strikers.

    Mercurial Vapor

  8. My teams keeper wears the synthetic adizero

  9. Hey Bryan,
    Got a question for you. I currently have Mercurials (and I'm a GK) and I do like them a lot but I have been wondering if the short spikes on the toe would have an affect on the traction of the boot. I would think it would a little, I generally play on very dry fields and rarely encounter wet conditions so I think it wouldn't affect me that much. But I feel that I should get a second opinion. Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance.

    • If you are wearing FGs then you are fine, it might be a concern if you have SG or screw-in studs.

      • Hey again,
        Got another question; due to the fact that I've run into problems slipping while changing directions to dive (short spikes). And I got the cheap Mercurials and they're tearing up. I'm getting new cleats and it's between Puma Powercats and Adi Preds. My accuracy with goal kicks and punts are fine, however.. my power could use some help. So the question is, which cleat do you believe delivers more power?

        • My answer to this one is the adiPower Predator, I just felt that they had the edge in terms of traction, especially for a keeper. The PowerCat does give you some extra power, but over the adiPower has more going for it!

  10. I suggest the Nike CTR360 because they have great traction and good power, as well as being very comfortable.

  11. Is it me or am i the only goalie that has vapours

  12. for a keeper, would you recommend round spikes for better pivot action or long rectangular(Nike) for traction or the Adidas triangles

    • That is a true GK question, but from experience you are probably better using a boot with a lower stud profile and plenty of studs/blades to ensure you are getting solid traction as you look to move quickly from side to side.

  13. I'm a keeper and I reccomend the Nike CTR 360. Good strong cleat. Very good traction and nice surface for punting and goal kicks. I have been wearing various types of CTR 360's for a total of 5 years. These are the best Nike Cleats on the market for goalies and Nike is the best brand for goalies. I briefly used mercurials but they don't match up as far as kicking surface or grip. I can only imagine how horrible the new hyper venom ones must be for goalies. They don't have great traction and seem very fragile. As far as other brands I've found cleats, especially from Adidas that are as comfortable and have good traction and good kicking surface, but I have yet to find any cleat that matches up to the durability of the CTR 360's as used by goalies. I often have Adidas cleats that split on the inside due to pushing of for dives and at other angles that goalies do but field players do.

  14. I'm a keeper needing good cleats but not to expansive which ones should I get

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