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Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro Released

UA Hydrastrike soccer cleat

Under Armour are back with another pretty classic looking design – the UA Hydrastrike. I have to admit that every time UA releases a new boot, I become more impressed, and I honestly think they have what it takes to really start gaining a piece of the market. As an everyday player, I am extremely eager to test out what this latest release has to offer. A sweet design with a decent price tag (these come in at $124.99) make them really appealing!

So, what do they have to offer. For starters, Under Armour use a K-leather upper that features a new moisture-shedding H20i technology. The concept behind this is to shed moisture and encourage a bone-dry touch on the ball. I have a feeling that this is intended more for wet fields and conditions than dry. I have always been a fan of the comfort insoles UA include, particularly evident while testing the UA Dominate, and on this version you get UA’s foot-morphing 4D foam. And finally, at 9.6oz these boots are built for control and players who like to get on the ball.

UA Hydrastrike Black

Under Armour Hydrastrike Soleplate

One aspect of this release that I admire UA for how they have stuck with a simplistic design and classic colorways. In  my opinion, it send out a message that they are releasing boots designed for performance, which is quiet the opposite of the recent UA Blur Capri colorway released. To kick things off, there is a Black/Ivory and a White/Toxic/Black.

Available From Colorway List Price
SoccerBanner Black/Ivory $124.99
SoccerBanner White/Toxic/Black $124.99

*all prices are subject to change over time

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  1. I wish that Under Armour would make goalkeeping gloves, or if they already do I wish they would sell them in the States!

  2. these are pretty nice. but whats with the tons of tiny holes in the rear part of the boot?

    • That part of the boot is made of perforated microfibre. This is so the wieght of the boot is decreased and the breathability increased.

      • thanks man! but doesnt it counter effect the whole "dryness" thing. cause sure the front of the boot will stay dry inside, but then with the perforated microfibre the water would get in the holes?

        • Don't know about this case, but I know they have materials out there that will let water flow through them in only one direction. Its also possible that they have a layer of material beneath the holes. They need to do this to make it breathable.

  3. look just like adipures.. haha

  4. I think this is an interesting release, underarmor are finally making some boots that look like they actually belong on a real football pitch. But they're going to need something more to get me to actually try them out over an adidas, puma or nike. Even puma and nike have a hard time getting my attention away from my preferences.

  5. Great post I must say. Simple but yet interesting and engaging. Keep up a good work!

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