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Puma V1.11 SL Review

Puma V1.11 SL
I’m going to start this review with a pretty obvious statement – I am an absolutely huge fan of the Puma V1.11 SL! They are the perfect boot for my style of play and meet my expectations as a winger. With that in mind, I am trying to keep an open mind for this review and have focused on the needs of each player on the field (rather than just myself.) Puma has kept things on this release pretty similar to its predecessor, the V1.10 SL, with some slight alterations to the design of the upper. For testing, I wore a pair of size 10US in the Fluo Green/Midnight Navy/White colorway.

Getting the Right Size!
I ended up wearing a size 10US for testing, just as I did for the V1.10 SL review. Normally I wear a size 9, so ordering a full size up is recommended. And just to note, there were actually times when I felt a size 10US was slightly tight so don’t even think about getting a pair in your regular size – they won’t fit!

Breaking In
No problems to note here, with the V1.11 SL offering great comfort right out of the box. The soleplate is really flexible and easily starts to contour to the shape of your foot as you run. Puma has also altered the last to produce a slightly roomier fit at the forefront of the boot. One area that might cause concern for players is the width through the midfoot and arch. There is little support there, so if you need a wider fit from the middle of your foot through your heel these boots might cause problems. Something I like to try with each boot is simply slipping them on barefoot to see how they feel inside. The V1.11 SL seems well protected for a boot that weighs 5.6oz and the lining feels super soft. All in all, I ended up breaking these into game action after two training sessions, and because my sizing was correct, I didn’t encounter any hotspots during the games I wore them in.

New Puma V1.11 SL

Puma V1.11 SL

Touch and Control
Puma use a microfiber upper that features a textured touch design around the pass and receive region. It is almost like a stamp has imprinted or punched the design onto the boot. I found that this plays two important functions. First, it allows the upper to bend and flex more easily, resulting in a more natural feel. Second it improves touch on the ball by allowing more cushion on contact. In a sense, it acts as an additional layer of padding on an extremely thin upper! On the ball, these boots are a dream and they really allow you to keep the ball close to your feet while dribbling at speed. They are also a great boot for crossing in, you definitely feel the impact of striking the ball hard but I see this as more of a positive than negative..

Puma V1.11 SL

Puma V1.11 SL touch

Lightweight – Designed for Speed
In a funny twist of fate, Puma has upped the weight of the V1.11 SL from 5.3oz to 5.6oz. If your reaction at this moment is “what were they thinking??” then you are officially addicted to light weight and need some time in rehab! Realistically, this has improved the release in my opinion and to be honest, I actually feel like the V1.11 SL has substantially more padding than 0.3oz, or the weight of the V1.10 SL. Puma definitely proved a point with that release, now it is about finding ways to improve the overall performance and protection offered by the super lightweight range – if that means adding more ounces, so be it!

Puma V1.11 SL

Compared to the V1.10 SL
Without over complicating things, the differences in both ranges lies in the development of the upper. Obviously there are plenty of aesthetic changes, but it is the textured upper on the V1.11SL compared to the smooth V1.10SL that offers a difference in performance. The soleplate used on each is very similar, with the V1.11SL offering a slightly larger last giving a roomier fit. The V1.11SL picks up a full extra point for durability, a half point for responsiveness (improved touch on the ball), but loses a half point for innovation (since the overall weight of the boot increased slightly.) For those interested, I also recently ran a post comparing the V1.11 versus V1.11 SL.

Puma V1.11 SL

Puma V1.11 SL

Better Durability
The V1.11SL offers improved durability, primarily because of the angle at which the upper joins with the soleplate along the toe line (as seen above). Instead of the upper sliding straight into the soleplate, Puma has created a crease that produces a slightly larger lip. This doesn’t affect performance but it definitely will play a role in the boots lasting a longer life. Also, because there is more material used in the upper, you get slightly more protection and less scuffing through hard tackles.

Puma V1.11 SL

The only real negative lies around protection, as is the case with all lightweight boots. This is particularly the case for defensive players who get stuck in on tackles more frequently, or attacking players who are on the receiving end of those challenges! I do feel like Puma has improved this release over its predecessor, but there is still a risk involved while wearing them. Personally, the protection issue didn’t concern me and I felt comfortable/confident wearing them in game.

Here is the one thing about this review that is very important to remember – I have a slight bias towards these boots and could easily give them a 10 out of 1o in every category. But, obviously, that wouldn’t make sense for you guys as players looking to find the most suitable boot. If you are a winger, fast forward, or a player who likes to take on defenders 1 vs 1, then the V1.11 SL is an excellent option. They offer great touch on the ball and have great weight distribution right through the boot. I don’t see these suiting defenders who like to tackle hard or players who need a power boot. Sizing is obviously key to ensuring you get the most out of a pair – they easily fit a full size small, so keep that in mind if you decide to order a pair. I’m not quiet sure why more professional players don’t wear these boots, maybe we will see more of them as the new season kicks up in August. But, ultimately, they sit as my personal favorite release to date!

*boots supplied for review by PUMA Soccer.

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  1. Just a question, is the weight you listed above the weight for a size 9 or your size 10? I was wondering because since you have to order a full size up if that increased the weight by a good amount. Thanks, and great review! 😛

  2. How long do did the v1.10 sl last? Considering this is a bit more durable, but still nearly the same, I'm pretty sure they would give out almost the same time.

    Also I've heard the studs wears out very fast, would it go even fast on a. turf or are they perfectly fine?

  3. nice review, ive always liked the look of the puma sl's. Plus, i love that line, made me laugh, "If your reaction at this moment is “what were they thinking??” then you are officially addicted to light weight and need some time in rehab! "

  4. Agree with the addiction to light weight. For me, these light weight boots just makes me dribble and do fancy moves more…

    What would be your exact answer to why someone would choose these over adi zeros?

  5. hi, i’m a winger/attacking fullback. i am not slow, but not the quickest either. i am good on the ball, and i love going past players. i only play on turf (norwegian grass pitches seriously suck) and i’m choosing between these and the maestri II. which do you recommend? great review btw.

    • Definitely not the Maestri's. Some of my teammates and I have them and every time we use them on turf the back studs get locked in the ground and can really do some damage to your feet. The v1.11 SL's are pretty amazing cleats and are waaaay better on turf than maestri's.

  6. Hi soccercleats101, Im interested in the puma sl and would like to know if the upper is as soft or more plastic than the v1.10 sl? Also can you help with sizing, im a 10.5 in Adipure 3 what size should I get? I Really want to know.

  7. Hi Brian, You said the toe box for 1.11 is stitched so it is raised a bit, will this hinder goal kicks/long clears or it is just a issue for like toe chip shots? Thanks. Also, does the SL version have the same problem?

  8. Hi Bryan, mind if u find out y most footballers wear the v1.11 instead of v1.11 SL when u say it is better? ur effort would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Bro Bryan

    • It has a lot to do with the companies and what they want players wearing (that is why there is so much money involved!) Plenty of player wear a modified version of the SL, but there seems to be more of Puma's primary players wearing the normal version (thus they sell in higher numbers.)

  9. Great review! now im stuck between getting the adipure SL and these puma v1.11 SL. which did you prefer?

  10. Adizeros (synthetic) or Puma v1.11 SL ?

  11. Hi Brian

    Meean review, I love these cleats! Quick question, what size in centimeters are the cleats you tested? Im trying to work out what size to order.

  12. hey brian, plz answer this question
    i wear nike ctr360 maestri 2 in a 7.5, and i know u said it many times but should i wear puma v1.11sl in a 8.5 EVEN if i want a snug fit???

  13. best boots iv ever worn hands down. I play the same position as you brian and if anyone is considering wearing these i strongly recommend them. Iv owned the f50s as well and the pumas have lasted way longer and defiantly perform way nicer then f50s with the extremely soft upper. running at high speeds with the ball have never been easier. 10/10

    • Hey Yan i wear i wear 10.5us f50 adizero primes now and thinking of changing to Puma sl too , so a size bigger in these pumas then the adizero worked and fitted great for you?

  14. bryan.. if i order a size 11 in these when im really a size 10.5, will they fit or will they be too tight? plz reply thx

  15. Hey, Bryan. I will most likely be getting these boots for the upcoming high school season. One question.
    I wear T90s in a 7.5 and they're are pretty tight. My running shoes (which I bought more recently for cross country) are a size 8 and there's still room left.
    So I'm a tiny bit bigger than a 7.5 but not quite an 8.
    Should I get these in an 8.5 or 9?

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