Monday , April 22 2024

Puma V1.11 + SL Winners

In order to keep things fair, I summonsed a team of 3 judges to make a decision for the worst looking boots (none of which were me) in our latest Puma V1.11 and SL giveaway. There were some fantastic entries and trying to narrow the boots down turned out to be a difficult one! Keeping it simple, above is the winning boot with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers below. Top spot goes to a classy, yet completely outdated and well worn Adidas boots.

@apoloadanx3 gets first choice between the V1.11 and V1.11 SL, @BriceRKin 2nd gets the remaining pair, while the $50 WeGotSoccer Giftcard goes to @SC101giveaway (very appropriate Twitter handle!) The two eBooks go to @PewPew93 and @AreYouHappy_KIM. All winners need to email me at [email protected] to claim your prize.

Check out the gallery below for the 9 pretty awful, worst looking boots the judges narrowed things down to!

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  1. Horrible decision. I’m not mad that I lost I didn’t even enter my boots are in great shape but there were worse

  2. those boots make me want to cry..

  3. HAHAHA this is obviously their old boots that they messed up a while ago. Hell they probably threw on some dirt just to make it look more dirty. The t90's probably had a small-medium hole and the guy ripped it more to make it look worse!

    I didn't even enter the giveaway, but this is too good!

  4. Aren't you kind of scared what they're gonna do with new boots now?

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