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Adidas F50 adiZero Prime in Anodized Blue/Slime

adiZero Prime Anodized Blue

Talk about an unusual looking release! This latest version of the F50 adiZero Prime from Adidas will go down as one of the funkiest combinations released this summer. Officially a Anodized Blue/White/Slime, I am just not sure what to think about this one. One thing is for certain, you have to love Adidas desire to produce boots that easily stand out in-game – it almost makes me wonder what they are drinking at their design planning meetings!

Don’t get me wrong, I am actually a fan of the Anodized Blue primary tone used. And the boot itself has a very metallic look, following in similar fashion to other adiZero releases. In fact, this is not the only unusual colorway we have seen released in the Prime range. Earlier this year Adidas unleashed a rainbow like Anodized Purple/Infrared design that also stirred the pot. In all seriousness, I started writing this post about 20 minutes ago, and in that time this new colorway is starting to look a little more appealing – it could be one of those releases that takes time to really sink in. And who knows, maybe they will look pretty effective in game.

The F50 adiZero Prime currently holds the title for lightest soccer cleat on the market, at a featherweight 5.1oz. Having tested the Prime, I can tell you that everything about them is built for speed, right down to the Kevlar laces that Adidas include. I was very surprised with the ease for which they break-in, and the comfort through testing was very competitive. You are of course giving up protection and durability, but if you take this into consideration before buying a pair you are going to love what the adiZero Prime has on offer.

The Prime retails for $300, which is a hefty investment for most players. The big question is “Are they worth the money?” My response to that is simple: you will certainly notice the weight difference in game and they do offer a high level of performance but it all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in a new pair of boots!

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SoccerBanner Anodized Blue/White/Slime $300

*all prices are subject to change over time

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  1. The best colorway besides the blackout/whiteout adizeros.

  2. I love this. Very Seattle.

  3. It reminds me of a watermelon…But I like this colorway!

  4. Will this be a new colorway also for the f50 adizero leather version?

    • There is a new F50 colorway – but it is slightly different to these. Watch out for a post on it later today.

  5. Montero will sure be wearing these

  6. Say them on ebay about a week ago and the guy said they were authentic. They would look good with the seattle jersey. Where are the Portland Timbers Colors?

  7. Very nice. Love them!

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