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Adidas adiPower Predator – Champions League Edition

Adidas adipower Predator Champions League

Adidas has just unleashed it latest colorway release in the adiPower Predator range, with this one being the signature boot for the Champions League. The combo of off-White with Purple and Electric Yellow looks pretty sharp, but it is a feature on the heel that is the eye catcher! Adidas has added an unusual rainbow design, similar to that found on the Champions League Finale 11 ball, that is sure to draw other player’s attention when they see these for the first time.

When I think of power boots, the first that comes to mind is the Adidas Predator. This latest, 11th edition to the range has been redesigned to incorporate more than just power, with an unfamiliar (yet thoroughly appealing) lightweight feel headlining as one of the main new additions. They weigh in at a super light 7.8oz. Adidas has also re-engineered the entire Predator Zone in a pretty cool way and now refer to it as the Predator Element.  Basically, a silicon rubber is strategically positioned and tuned to create a uniform surface with rebound effect, for those times when you need some extra power behind your shots. For more details on the boot, check out our full review.

Sharp Purple adiPower

adiPower Predator Purple

Although it is not personally my favorite colorway to date in the range (Running White still my preferred choice), this release offers a different look and I would definitely wear them if I got to play in the Champions League final!! The heel is a very unique addition and adds a fresh look we haven’t seen before. You can find the best price on the new Adidas adiPower, $179 at WeGotSoccer.

Adidas adiPower Predator

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  1. i dont like these, look too much like a girls colorway

  2. I actually like them. But I also like purple, especially a dark purple like this.

    And the different coloration on the heel is because of the new Adidas Champions League ball. The stars are now filled with those same colors, so it makes a lot of sense that Adidas did this.

  3. Hey Bryan!
    Do you know if the red/black colorway will ever be released in the US?

  4. 1. @nate no they wont.. they have been out on prodirect uk for a while now…
    i dont understand why everyone is making a big deal about it… if you are willing to pay 200 for cleats whats another 60 bucks in possible brokerage fees…

    2. technically speaking the colors are not exactly the same as the ball but that is prob cause of the different materials used

    3. these boots still have durability issues… new colors doesnt make a difference for me
    again we are not pros we dont have the option of wearing a new pair every game or every week…

    4. speaking of champions league… why would adidas put that third ball in the middle star thats ruins the entire design… why couldnt they just be happy withthe two balls in the left and right star…

    like who designs this crap…

  5. dirty cleats, these look sick


  7. You can get the black/red ones here for not that much more.

  8. hi bryan, i wear us9.5 in predator x and powerswerve, do you think i should go down half size down on these shoes.

    i actually wear us9 in mercurial vapor vii. and us8.5 in adizero.

    thank you.

    by the way do you know if the classic colourway, black red white, will be released in USA?

  9. WA bit off topic but i wanted to know about the durability of the back studs on the fg mercurial vapors, specially if the ground is a somewhat hard/firm ground

  10. You can get the adidas adiPower Predator TRX FG in the new colorway White-Sharp Purple for 179.99 at

  11. yo compre los blancos y moraditos son bien bonitos

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