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SC101 Archives – The Pony Pinnacle

Pony Pinnacle soccer cleat

Back in 2003, while I was playing at UCSB, I had the unique opportunity to be part of the testing team for Pony. At the time, Pony were trying to work their way into the soccer market and spent a lot of time putting together some pretty technical boots. One of the boots they introduced to start was the Pony Pinnacle, and I still have a pair of the SG version.

These boots have a very unique design. If you look at the front you will notice there are plenty of creases and lines. These were strategically placed to allow the upper to move in sync with your feet, bending in the right areas to give you a super comfortable fit. On that end they succeeded and these boots were super comfortable, with a fantastically snug fit. But, the colorway is completely off and looks way too boring. I am also not a fan of the tongue, although I cut it off on the pairs that I wore and it looked significantly better.

Pony Pinnacle Soccer

Just before release of the Pinnacle on to the market, we spoke with the Pony team and questioned the overall construction of the Pinnacle. As I said above, they are not a very good looking boot, and even though they weigh in at a lightweight 9oz (which at the time of release was one of the lightest on the market!) we didn’t see a large audience taking to the new range. As it turns out, that ended up being the case – and soon after, the company gave up on the project. Pony did however, come up with one other unnamed, unreleased design on our recommendation in a white colorway, which featured some fantastic sweet spot technology. I am convinced that if this boot had been released, Pony would have been onto a real winner!

To date, I haven’t came across anyone else outside of my circle who still has a pair of these classics – If you have anything in the Pony range, or a boot that you are interested in having featured as a Cleat Archive, send it my way for consideration!

Pony Pinnacle up-close

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  1. im feeling a give away on this one 😉

  2. This is the type of stuff I love reading about. Very interesting and agreed they're design is rather dull although I am fan of more traditional looking boots. I think it would have been tough because when someone says Pony I automatically think of baseball cleats.

  3. I didn't even know this brand existed. Do you think that maybe they will give it another go at some point?

  4. my friend actually has these same boots, he uses tiempos now but every once in a while he'll whip out these, even though they are getting small for him it doesnt stop him from wearing them haha

  5. I had a pair of these with a bladed cleat version. Amazing shoes. So snug and comfortable at the same time. The material they used was extremely durable and soft at the same time. I had to sell them eventually because they were half size too small for me but even today I find myself looking for a pair on EBAY. I remember clearly that at least for me they were way superior to vapors or mercurials at the time… at least when they were on my foot. The weird thing about them that they were almost getting smaller as I wore them… Maybe there was something off with the material they used. I don't know… but.. If anyone has size 11 on their hands I'll buy them :).

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