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Nike T90 Laser IV KL Released

Nike T90 Laser IV Kanga

We are fresh into the Nike T90 Laser IV series, but already this Black/Metallic Luster/Tour Yellow colorway has grabbed my attention. Apart from the appealing design, I am all for the fact that this features Nike’s exclusive Kanga-Lite upper. I just posted a full review for the synthetic version, and it tested really well. But, there is a big difference between the performance offered from both uppers – as a result, I am currently working on getting a pair of these for review.

You still get a lot of the same technology, from the Adaptive Shield to the re-engineered stud configuration. The Adaptive Shield region is particularly effective, and it really does bend in motion with your foot as you control the ball, making for a really smooth strike just as Nike advertise. Along with the release, Nike introduced us to the slogan “The Perfect Strike”, giving you some idea of the direction they have headed with this boot.

Nike T90 Laser IV Kanga Lite

Nike T90 Laser IV Kanga

Again, I like the visual look of this release, with the yellow Adaptive Shield adding a bright clash with the primary black upper. One other note is that by using Kange-Lite, Nike has dropped the weight slightly to 9.8oz, 0.2oz lighter than the synthetic.

This version of the T90 Laser IV has a retail price of $219.99.

Nike T90 Laser IV KL

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  1. i am surprised this version is lighter than the synthetic. cant wait for review 🙂


  3. A big difference? Can you hint as to what it may be?

  4. dang hella stoked for these shoes i like them because they are hella lighter than the synthetic!!!

  5. when does the soft ground version come out pleasee!!!!!!!!!

  6. These shoes look like someone was putting extra mustard on like there hotdog/hamburger but saw something really exciting like a very skilled acrobat conducting mid-air stunts and got so distracted that they accidentally squired tons of mustard all over there brand new black and grey Nike T90 Laser IV KL, and since they were fat and lazy they never got around to whipping it off and therfore left it on the shoe. dis shoe be UGLY as a bih!

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