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Nike T90 Laser Lineup – Which Ranks Top?

Before Nike Laser IV

While at the recent Nike T90 Laser Release Event, I snapped these pics of the previous releases in the range – I, II and III. Everyone has there own favorite, with each boot offering a pretty different type of striking experience. The latest IV release holds the most technology, but each of its predecessors also underwent rigorous testing before producing the finished article.

It is pretty tough to find the I and II anymore (if you know of somewhere they can be purchased please share!) with the IV line-up priced at $197.99 on WeGotSoccer. But the big question I want to know is this: Which release in the entire Laser line-up do you like best and why?

T90 Laser Line-up

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  1. The II’s. In my opinion the most comfortable and I can get a good touch even in wet conditions. They have a bumpy feel which = great handling. I also can definitely feel the added power in my shots then then the I’s and II’s. The t90 power shield also acts as sort of a control pad making it easier to control passes and high bounces.

  2. The I's by far. The II's were nice but the I's had the best control and power for me. There was also good comfort. I am not even a fan of Nike, these are the only three pairs of Nikes I have worn, but the I's were just pure class.

  3. I've only been able to wear low level nike cleats, never had a good experience with any pair of nike cleats. I would have to say the II's but the lower end cleats all had a defect where they tore along the seam, the III's just had a strange fit on my feet

  4. Bought the laser 2 K-fg's couple of months ago, and i have to say i'm not impressed. the toe box is like vapor 6's, so the front part of the instep is extremely annoying to shoot with IMO.

  5. I like the III's. Everybody downplays the role that the swere fins have, but they really do make a difference. After wearing them for 2 seasons, I have finally figured out how to strike the ball to put a major swerve on them. They fit well too!

  6. Laser 3s i felt they added good swerve and unlike other i enjoy its narrow fit

  7. You can fin I's and II's scattered around at little soccer stores in California at least. They usually are pretty cheap. The II's are by far the best. They were an improvement of the I's and the III's are just ridiculous.

  8. 1’s
    Comfort, rounded studs in front, control,power, wide fit, & stability.

  9. The III’s by a long shot. The crap rubber shot shield (or whatever it’s called) on the I and II was ridiculously bulky feeling. When you slipped the boot on the rubber felt as though it was squeezing your foot from all sides.

    The III’s felt a bit constrictive but not nearly as bad as the I’s and II’s.

  10. The 2's were aesily the best. they had the most colorways and the best comfort, they added the most power, and were really grippy. Plus, the leather felt oh so beautiful.

  11. The II are the best! Power, good touch and accuracy in one package! They are one of my most comfortable boots beside My Copa Mundial. The only downside is I can't never have quick acceleration, but if you fast than you are fast! boots never make you super fast than before.

    I can find the II in my hometown w/ a very cheap price!

  12. I've never owned a pair of T90, which is weird because I am center striker. But the more and more I keep reading about the new ones, the more and more I want to get them.

    I currently wear Vapors VII, and love them. But I think I might switch it up in the Spring, and get the new T90s. They will have plenty of different colorways to choose from by then.

  13. Laser III no doubt…… Love these boots and like i get great power accuracy curve and swerve from them but they're a bit heavy. All in all they's beast!

  14. wingerwingerwinger

    i've only wore the laser2. fantastic shots, decent durability, extremely good stability and comfort. pity accelerating in these aren't as responsive and there's this bulky feeling to it. suitable to strikers or center def but definitely not a fast winger's cup of tea. my guess is that the laser1 feels roughly similar to the laser2 but the 3s were just terrible looking and doesn't seem to fit the purpose.

  15. anyone know where can i buy the T90 I?

  16. in my opinion, the Laser I was the best T90 i've ever worn!
    The comfort and the traxion have been a good combination.
    I'm still looking for the Laser I but in US9,5 or US 10 it is hard to find.
    If somebody knows where i can purchase one of these cleats please respond 😉
    In germany there is no way of purchasing these cleats.

  17. T90 3 ELITE! the most comfortable with enough lightness and power with added touch with the fins like the 360. Beautiful shoe. I didn't like the look at first, but the ball pops off of the foot. I'd like to try the new IV, but I don't like the fact that they are actually heavier. They sound like a great shoe though.

  18. You can find the 2's on Amazon, but they aren't sold directly from them.

  19. Get them from me–> Follow me on Twitter @BootKingUK

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