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Adidas Predator Absolion in Running White

Adidas Predator Absolion in Running White

Lets be honest, not every player has the luxury of buying the high end boots on the market. For that reason, companies release a more economical version in each silo. In the case of the adiPower Predator, your option is the Adidas Predator Absolion. The Absolion definitely rate amongst the top back-up boots on the market, and in my opinion even sit ahead of several high profile boots at a higher price points! For those of you that have worn them, I think you can confirm the fact that they are a top performing boot and make for an ideal game boot.

In terms of quality, Adidas have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring you get a package that is value for money. Just because they are not the top release, it does not mean that Adidas has simply threw a few pieces of material together and slapped on a price tag! The upper is a full-grain leather that is soft and easy to break-in. You also get the benefit of having a fully functional power zone that is quite comparable to the Predator Element, although it is slightly toned down on this version. One of the biggest differences between both versions is the soleplate, with a more standard TPU Traction FG soleplate on the Absolion. It looks a lot less complex than the adiPower but it is still very flexible from first wear and offers good support.

In terms of colorways, Adidas offer plenty of options including the David Beckham Gold Metallic, or the original Sharp Blue release. Pictured is the very clean looking Running White colorway, which comes in at $110. These actually come in as my preferred colorway, although you need to factor in cleaning if you want to get the most out of them!

Adidas Predator Absolion

Absolion Power Element

Adidas Predator Absolion detail

Adidas Predator Absolion

Adidas Predator Absolion soleplate

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  1. Between the miracles and the predator absolion's, wich one do you recomend?

  2. Get some review scores up for these! I really want to see how they compare to the top of the range boot

  3. I feel like nike does that with their lower end cleats. They just "simply threw a few pieces of material together and slapped on a price tag". Especially the mercurial and t90 lines, I have never had any but they just look like they are not very good. My friends get the cheap mercurials and they break/rip within a month or two. I have seen T90 shoot at the store and the shot shield and swerve fins just look innefective.
    Does anyone feel the same as I do?

    • If you are going to compare a comparable Nike product then the Nike T90 Strike would the the one, the Shoot is quite a bit cheaper. If you are implying that Adidas makes better lower range products, I disagree; my friend bought the Adidas F30 and they are a piece of junk, he gets nasty blisters every time he uses them and they have started to break down; to make it short he used them for 3 games and then threw them out.

    • got a pair of t90 II in the lower end model and the ripped along the shot shield within a week of use.

  4. I have these boots in the initial blue colorway, they are just as Bryan says. A great midrange cleat, the leather is super soft and breaks in like a dream, the sole plate is good (studs have been used for ages in that pattern), and the power element is very functional also.

  5. I have the Predator X Absolion in the UEFA Blue and white color way and they are incredible! They perform just like any 200$ cleat and I got them for just 50$. They are amazing. Its nice to see a nice mid range boot being covered on your site. How do they compare to the mid range nike cleats you have reviewed?

  6. I have the blue cleats of this version and scored my first goal in two seasons in them. I highly recommend them to any player on a budget.

  7. If you're a goal club member, you can get the adiPower Predators for $140. Pretty great deal especially if these are at $110!

  8. Great review and good idea about reviewing a non premium cleat. I think a good review to follow would be the Nike T90 Strike IV

  9. I lived in Malaysia and i was just wondering, i have the budget to buy these, Nike T90 IV, Adidas Adipure IV, Nike Tiempo Legend. I have to admit I'm kind of big in size so the F30 is not in the list as are the Mercurials. So. which should i buy?
    Please reply…

  10. i have these same boots they r sexy

  11. Excellent boot just bought these in the black warning white and they look superb. Fit is glove like and it has the AG Sole which seems as good as the nike offering. Also has micoach which is bonus lol. Excellent boot for the low price.

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