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beMeister Performance Sensor and Tracking System

beMeister Performance System

Timing seems to be everything in the soccer market! Get this: a German company (IMPIRE AG) is on the verge of releasing a new performance sensor tracking system that will fit in EVERY soccer cleat – it is called the beMeister Performance Sensor. In other words, if you want something that is not the Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach (which is available to buy December 1st), you will now have another option that can be used in multiple pairs of boots! Of course, the big question surrounds how the system actually holds up against the technology Adidas has to offer, but I am personally very interested in finding out. It has the potential to provide me with a way to track my personal performance as I test several different boots at once –  all I need to do is swap the insoles out!

I usually don’t quote directly, but the following sent over by the IMPIRE AG team, sums up their technology perfectly:

“There are two different beMeister products that can be combined or used separately: The beMeister insole and the beMeister soccer ball. Both sports articles are equipped with a sensor and collect various performance parameters from the player, such as average speed, number of sprints, top speed, distance covered and much more.

The beMeister insole has been designed so that it fits into any soccer boot without altering any of the shoe’s characteristics. A performance sensor is located within the insole which accurately captures each movement and changes of direction on the soccer pitch or training ground, resulting in exact distance and speed measurements.

The beMeister soccer ball is also equipped with a sensor and detects the rotation and the speed of the ball as well as the air pressure.

The beMeister watch enables players to access their live performance data at any time, which means that you can check your performance data during training sessions or the half time break. This enables you, for example, to practise targeted shooting or free-kick training, or simply to evaluate your own performance levels while you’re out on the pitch.

All data can be uploaded at any time via a USB port from your beMeister watch onto your PC or Mac. You can then analyse, compare and evaluate the data on the website: www.be-meister.com. As well as being able to compare your results with other players, team mates or professional players, you can also start to improve your own performance. You will find an individually tailored training programme, developed by UEFA-A licensed coaches, which will help you to meet your goals.”

beMeister shoe insert

beMeister insole

I have to admit, the idea of any kind of performance tracking technology excites me and is definitely the way forward for companies. Having an entire system (insoles, watch, ball) puts the beMeister ahead of the game and if they really attack the market, they have the potential to take hold of player insoles all over the world. I am interested to see how these insoles actually fit and feel in your boots, and if they really can be used across multiple silos. Again, the timing could not be better for IMPIRE AG as players learn more about and see the potential of the Adidas system – but, I have a feeling that Adidas see things a little differently!  beMeister will be available from November 2011 to US consumers through the www.be-meister.com website.

In typical fashion, we have requested product samples in order to provide a breakdown of what they are all about and will have the latest version for review later this month. Stay tuned for further details in the next few weeks! Thoughts on the technology? Is it something that interests you?

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  1. Sweeeeeeeeet, I would be interested in trying it out.

  2. Does the ball record how fast it is shot?

  3. How much do they cost and when will they be available in Canada? I'm really not a big fan of F50s and I'd rather stick to my CTR360s but how do they hold up in the rain?

    • I found this from http://blog.be-meister.com:

      Our Online Shop (www.be-meister.com) will be opening its virtual doors in about three weeks time. From then on beMeister can be ordered from all over the world.

      The beMeister insole including the Performance Sensor, the beMeister watch and the Access Code for the Online Performance Center will be available for 199 €.
      The beMeister football including the Sensor and the beMeister watch will also cost 199 €.
      There will be also the beMeister Team-System available. Including 18 insoles + 18 Performance Sensors + 1 beMeister football + 1 beMeister coaching watch and all the players have access to the Online Performance Center. The team-system will cost 2999 €.

      • Nice find Lee!

        • Cheaper to just buy adidas micoach w/ sensor than some CTR's (or any other cleat for that matter) with this beMeister system. It probably won't sell much. They need to redo the prices in my opinion.

          • these prices suck and so do the people who created them. in my opinion no one will buy these pieces of crap so dont waste your money and keep making more of these doomed pieces of crap.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • But if you are a Nike fan and don't want to buy Adidas what option do you have? And, the thing about the beMeister is that it fits in multiple different brand and make of boots rather than just one.

  4. Finally somebody got the right idea… We dont have to get stuck on one pair of shoes to use a gadget like the Nike or Adidas offerings. Yea this costs more but at least we can use it on all the boots we already have or will be buying during christmas.

  5. This is pretty cool, the reason I never bought the nike fit or mi addidas was because I didn't want to buy the entire shoe. I wonder who the insole will feel though, I think i would prefer something less obtrusive. But the ball sensor is unique.

  6. I majored in Kinesiological Sciences and this stuff is really interesting to me. I remember playing in highschool and having coaches making us sprint endlessly. Too many coaches just try to have conditioning drills that suck, which can be useful in teaching mental toughness but, at the same time the body is not just a machine. A lot of sprints have residual effects, whether they be CNS related or peripherally related, that last a couple of days. Too many of these types of workouts will lead to "overtraining" and inhibit performance down the road. Hopefully, these teams can utilize this types of tools, see the data, and figure out how to make conditioning drills more specific (less glycolytic training and more alactic and aerobic). Plus, it's fun to see how hard you can shoot.

  7. I think this is a really cool idea, my one concern is is the ball as high quality of, lets say adidas champions league ball? b/c thats a huge factor

  8. is also a good alternative to the lack of system models miCoach Adidas turf…

  9. Mr Jamie Hutber

    I just tied to get these working?!?! Why doesn't their website work?

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