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SC101 Culture – UCSB Mens Soccer

2006 National Champions UCSB

For those of you that don’t know, I went to college at UC Santa Barbara, and had the joy of playing in front of some of the most passionate soccer fans in the country. Every game, the Gaucho Locos would be there in the stands singing soccer chants and slagging off opponents. In a sense, they were (and continue to be) the 12th man!!

We won the National Championship in 2006 – meaning this season, 2011, was our 5 year team reunion. This past weekend I made the trip back to Santa Babara with 15 of the players from that team for what turned out to be a great celebration. And, as a bonus I decided to document the trip. It is less soccer cleat related and more of a cultural insight into what college soccer is all about, particularly at Harder Stadium!

UCSB won 2-0 (match highlights) and will play at home in the semi-final of the Big West tournament. If you want to keep up to date with how they do, follow the UCSB Men’s Soccer Facebook page.

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  1. Bryan, what position did you play?

  2. What boots did you wear when you played for UCSB and do you continue to wear the same type now that you have access to much more and that they have changed?

  3. I remember going to a game at UCSB when you were there. Great soccer atmosphere. Really loved how u guys played. Nice to see Tino Nunez in the Video lol. He represented Long Beach very well at UCSB.

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