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Puma V1.11 in Vibrant Yellow Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Puma V1.11 in Vibrant Yellow Released

Yellow Puma V1.11

There is an oddly familiar feel to this latest Puma V1.11 release, but I can’t quite pinpoint it. The official colorway is Vibrant Yellow/Parachute Purple/White, with the bright yellow upper easily standing out as it clashes with the Purple detailing. They offer a pretty opposite look to the limited edition V1.10 Kanji release that hit the market last year – without the entertaining graphic aspect of course! You have to love how Puma can crank out bright, funky releases and make them look strangely appealing. And this is one boot that will be extremely easy to spot on field.

The boot is in itself a solid performer, having recently tested the V1.11, I can tell you that the lightweight nature of the boot suited my game and I found them to be an effective tool when it comes to acceleration. You are also getting an extremely durable upper that is designed to last, with the upper to soleplate bonded and cemented together effectively. The lace cover also has an affective purpose, as it doubles as a lace cover while allowing you full access to the laces.

It is important to note that sizing should be considered before buying a pair of V1.11. If you are not familiar with Puma shoes, they generally fit tight and the V1.11 features a unique box toe design – so I recommend going a half size up. For those of you who know their size in previous V series releases, these fit very similarly, with some additional width at the top of the boot.

Puma V1.11 Yellow Purple

Puma V1.11 Yellow Soleplate

For those that want something a little, Puma are also releases a K-Leather version of the boot that offers a more efficient first touch on the ball. They retail for a slightly higher $199, but during testing I found that the K-Leather version was my preferred choice due to the uppers flexible nature.

If you decide to pick up a pair of Synthetic V1.11’s, they retail for around $180.

Puma V1.11 Yellow

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  1. There has also been a predator release in black and orange.

  2. these kinda look like the tokoyos

  3. Hey bryan,
    I used to play on the wing but now i moved to an attacking center mid position. What cleats would you recommend out of my options: adipure, adipower, f50 adizero leather, nike superfly, puma powercat 1.12, or the puma v1.11 K. I feel like the puma v1.11K delivers the most features on a boot but i was wondering which one you would choose out of these 5 and why (or maybe you can think of a different boot?)

  4. Bryan,

    I thought these Puma series looked familiar too. The yellowness of this color way did it. These look just like Crocs, well at least Croc-made boots.

  5. As you may have already gussed, these shoes look as if there creater was on the phone with a very famous and funny comedian one night, and was laughing so hard at one of his jokes that he could not keep his eyes open while he was working on the new puma shoe, and ended up accidentally throwing it out the window and into his neighbors ugly tree. once it hit the ugly tree, it continued to hit every branch on the way down and before it hit the ground it was trasformed into the Puma V1.11 in Vibrant Yellow, and since puma has a strict deadline, the creator had to turn the shoe in as it was because he did not have time to fix it.

  6. Nice shoe,i like the white and blue CW more!

  7. Love the new colorway! but i wanted to get these in the SL version. cant find them anywhere online but soccerbible already did a page and everything on it.
    any ideas where I could find the yellow/purple SL versions? Thanks!

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