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Nike Superfly III CR7 (3) Released

Nike Superfly III CR7 (3)

The latest installment in the CR7 series of Nike boots has arrived, and it continues the trend of visually entertaining releases to match the playing style of Cristiano Ronaldo! What makes this Nike Superfly III CR7 (3) release so different is that they feature a completely different design on either side of the boot.

The left half has a crazy striped configuration that infuses Mach blue and Solar red colors, while the right half features a monotone silver criss-cross pattern. It is the same effect on both shoes, so basically the outside of either boot features opposite designs! Again with all CR7 releases, you are either going to love them or hate them – there is no in between!

Falling in-line with prior releases, this Metallic Mech Blue/Solar Red/Dark Obsidian colorway is set to retail for $399 at

CR7 (3) Safari Profile

The naming convention on this one is pretty confusing and is something worth tackling right off the bat, seeing as this is the 2nd CR7 release in the Nike Superfly III range. It should probably be labelled the Nike Superfly III CR7 Edition 2, but for the sake of clarity I refer to it as the Nike Superfly III CR7 (3), or the third CR7 release. My point here is not to mix it with the previous release that was the Nike Superfly III CR7. The initial polka-dot style release was called the Nike CR7 Safari.

New CR7 (3)

CR7 Safari III

As for the the Superfly III as a boot, it offers a tidy package but at a pretty high-end price. The two advancements featured are the use of Flywire, and the adjustable studs towards the toe. Flywire is designed to act like the support cables on a bridge by taking and holding the majority of the weight of the upper. This, in turn, allows Nike to decrease the required materials and produce a lighter boot. The adaptive studs offer a very contentious addition to the boot. In theory, the studs have the ability to dig into a firm natural surface as you put your pressure down on the sole. It is something that is very difficult to actually see in action primarily because the boot needs to be in contact with a surface as you put your full weight down.

Nike Superfly III CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Safari

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  1. is the stripe through the whole boot or just half of it?

  2. I saw them elsewhere but instead of this red orange color it was pink, and it was a reliable source.

  3. those are sick my friend got them already

  4. I don't like them, I think they look ugly. Although they would make you stand out on the field. I like the black on black ones the best.

  5. They look different. I think nowadays, cleats look completely different. I swore I saw them at Dicks Sporting goods last week. They looked very catchy.

  6. hey i was wondering, if i play left forward, what cleat should i have, Mercurial or F50, i really like the mercurials but im not sure if i should get them

    • You should get the Adidas F50 because they are lighter and have better ball touch. You would be surprised how much lightness helps. I knows this because I have the Adizero Primes. They have a really good fit and only weigh 5.2oz. Buy the F50's….. you will not regret it!

    • I agree with Jacob,the f50 is definitely better,this mercurial looks like candy(ugly)

    • nick these cleat r great on any potions but very good at forward so i recemend these there light and on breakaway for the other team its not going to b a problem for u to catch up cuz there supper light and gives u alot of speed so yeah go with these but when u get them soke them in hot water

  7. These shoes suck. They look like they have no support

  8. i love this cleats

  9. Do thay have the $60 version of them because in the felds we play thay are way to mest up to be plaing with a pear of $170-$400 cleatd

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