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SC101 Christmas Extravaganza Event – The Details!

sc101_christmas extravaganza

The response after I announced that we were going to run a special Christmas Extravaganza Event this holiday season was extraordinary. Up for grabs, we have over 30 pairs of soccer cleats, 2 personalized jerseys and 2 $150 giftcards – all in all this is going to be one heck of an awesome giveaway!

Without wasting more time, let me explain how the event is going to work, and what you need to do to enter. I’m going to try give you as much detail as possible below to ensure you all understand how it works – so read it all before leaving questions! And remember, this is probably the first and best ever soccer footwear giveaway from any website – so I do expect to mess up somewhere along the line…be patient!

Christmas Extravaganza Event Summary:

  • The first step is very simple – in order to give yourself the best chance of winning, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our Email List. You don’t have to follow all three but doing so will increase the opportunities for you to win.
  • Each day, we will be posting details about the giveaway on the right sidebar of the website (at the top of the page).
  • For each giveaway, I will be listing the names of 3 Facebook fans, 1 Twitter fan, and 1 email subscriber.
  • When you see your name, you will need to email [email protected]. The first person from the list that I receive an email from will win the boots on offer.
  • Only the first person to email me from the 5 listed wins the prize in question.
  • If there are no winners through the day, I will be changing out the names – so keep checking in case your name pops up later in the day!
  • There will be no set time when the names are posted or when they will change.
  • Shoe sizes will not be listed, and there are no other sizes on offer unless a company has made separate arrangements (some companies have – some have not, and I will let the winners know via email)
  • The event starts with a special giveaway on December 1st, then the next giveaway starts on December 8th and runs through the 18th.
  • Stay up to date with daily winners and boots on the SC101 Blog Timetable. Details will be posted in the existing table (we are working to secure a sponsor for the remaining dates and should have it updated soon).
  • And the final step: in return for this extraordinarily huge giveaway event, you have to continue to follow SoccerCleats101 through 2012!

**To answer a very popular question, everyone will be included in the giveaway. BUT, due to custom duties and shipping fees I am only able to ship to US and Canada. If you are outside the US and Canada I am willing to ship to a US or Canadian address – if the winner does not have a US or Canadian address, the boots will be recycled into another giveaway. Sorry, but there will be no exceptions on the rule! Your name can also be drawn multiple times during the event – so even if you don’t win when your name is drawn this time there is a possibility you will be drawn again. Limit one prize per person.

What prizes are up for grabs?
I am not giving it all away, but we will have some of the top boots on the market including the Nike T90 Laser IV, Adidas F50 adiZero MiCoach, Pele Sports Trinity, Puma PowerCat 1.12, Asics Lethal Tigreor and much, much more! We also have giftcards and soccer jerseys.

Is there any other way to win?
Yes – believe it or not, I have amassed a stockpile of new boots to use as giveaways over the past few weeks (by taking advantage of the deals I point out to you guys on the site!) At sporadic times, I will announce a “Flash Giveaway“. These giveaways will be on Facebook and Twitter and will come and go very, very quickly. You will need to keep a close eye in order to ensure you get your name in the running for those giveaways. I might even run a few Flash Giveaways during Black Friday weekend, to get things running… this space!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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    I came for reviews and i stayed because of the consistency!!

  2. oh my goshhh im so ready for this!! Watch out everyone im gonna be stalking this page 24/7 starting black friday weekend until the 18th of dec.

  3. Does this work for australia as well or just america?

  4. Loving this! Hope I get to win some new cleats 😀 <3

  5. I cant wait!
    Unfortunately, I dont have a facebook or tweeter… :'(

  6. I’ve been following you on my own for some time now and your reviews have influenced my choices in the cleats that i wear and pay attention too. I just added you to my facebook and twitter, but i couldn’t subscribe to your email list. I’m very excited to try and get a free pair of cleats this holiday season. Also i was wondering if you happen to win a pair of cleats do you get to pick the size of them? Or is there only 1 size available to win?

  7. Is it only for people living in usa?

  8. Is it only for people living in the usa?

  9. are we eligible if we don't live in the US? canada for example?

  10. super stoked for this, thanks bryan!

  11. How do you get on the email list?

  12. Is it a surprise as to when the giveaways will start?

  13. Can you win multiple times?

  14. I live in Korea…. will I be able to win here??? :O

    • I think he said he's only shipping to US or Canadian addresses. So you can win if you live outside the US or Canada as long as you can give him a US or Canadian address to ship it to. So hopefully you have a friend or family member who lives there =-P

  15. Damn, I live in the Netherlands and I don't have a adress to ship it to. 🙁


  17. OMG thats a sicckkk

  18. where would i see my name if i am one of the five??? Thank Brian for including us Canadians!

  19. 9.5 Real madrid all day

  20. This is a really good thing you guys are doing here.

  21. awesome cleats

  22. great reviews, love the info. keep on doin' it mate!

  23. hoping for more reviews and videos on the cleats on who they do during a real match would be great and at the end you would say how comfortable,light(weight),durablility and your say on the look of the cleats.

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