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Nike Vapor VII CR (3) - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Nike Vapor VII CR (3)

Nike Vapor VII CR

Since I have been wearing the Nike Mercurial Vapor VII CR for the past few weeks, I figured it would be a good idea to share my thoughts and some images on how they have worked out. For those that maybe don’t know, the only difference between these boots and the Nike Vapor VII is the actual design used, or in other words they are the same boots except for the colorway used. For that reason, there is little point writing another full review.

The Vapor VII retails right now for $179.

My Thoughts on the Design
After the initial shock of seeing a boot with two different designs, I have to admit that I am a big fan of how these look! Normally I am a little more reserved in my comments on the more exuberant releases, but I think Nike has got this one spot on, and the boots match the flair of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is the third CR inspired release and these are hands down the more visually effective yet in my opinion. The silver pinstripe design is particularly attractive and gives the boot a classy look. If you look at it closely you will notice there are very subtle lines running through it, like what you would see on a circuit board, with the number 7 printed just below the ankle. If you look very closely at the image below you will see it. The opposite and rather wildly striped side offers visual benefits, or a flicker effect as you are running fast. It is a little obtrusive to begin, but the clash of Metallic Mach Blue/Solar Red/Dark Obsidian has grown on me!

Comments on Their Performance
During testing of the Vapor VII I reported that “The one major positive about these boots is that they break in extremely easily. In fact, I was able to get some sprints and sharp turns in while wearing them for the first time! I love the feel of the well padded upper, which is extremely spongy just inside the ankle area, creating a comfortable fit.” And I am happy to report that there was consistency between both pairs, with this version providing a smooth break in period.

Nike Vapor VII CR

Nike Vapor VII CR

How they Fit
I found that the Vapor VII offers a very suitable option for wide fitting players. Many players suffer problems around the mid area of the soleplate, but Nike offer a nice wide fit to accommodate most players. Ordering true to size is the way to go, with a 9US suiting my fit perfectly. They also fit in a very similar fashion to other Vapor releases.

The Ultimate Question – Should I Buy Them?
There are certain characteristics you look for in a boot and the Vapor VII ticks most boxes. The most important question is how important are visuals to you? I would definitely consider myself as more of a conservative player, with simple designs suiting my taste- but when something a little more flashy matches my taste buds I have no problem wearing them. And these boots have really grown on me. I’m not sure that I would recommend the Superfly version (simply because of the price tag) but anyone interested in the Vapor will not be disappointed by what they offer – just make sure your skills are up to par before trying to wear them!

Nike Vapor VII

Nike Vapor VII CR

Nike Vapor VII CR print

Nike Vapor VII CR

Nike Vapor VII CR

Nike Vapor VII CR

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  1. They're so sexy. If I didn't have a million pairs, I'd definitely jump on these lol

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  8. There are 41 pinstripes…

  9. there alright not the best

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