Wednesday , March 22 2023

Just Arrived: Puma PWR-CT 1.12

Puma PWR-CT 1.12

Things just got a little busier around here with the arrival of another boot – this time it is the Puma PWR-CT 1.12 – something I am not complaining about! Since their release, these boots have received a lot of positive attention, with Cesc Fabregas the key player in Puma’s attempt to control the power market. Some of you are already have the PowerCat 1.12 in testing, so I am excited to get these going in some games.

As you might have spotted in the image above, I have already had an opportunity to take them out for a run around and some pics. First impression is that they are a little stiff starting out, but the strike zone has something quite different about it! Stay tuned for more details and a full review of the boots in the next few weeks.

For those of you looking to pick up a pair, the White Pearl/PUMA Royal/Team Gold colorway comes in around the $180 mark.

PowerCat Strike

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  1. Dang these things= very classy!!!!!!

  2. Joey Barton switched from these to i think predators

  3. Can't wait to see what you think of them. I've got the White/White/White version and absolutely love them. The heel was tight but after a few hours, they loosened up and feel great.

  4. Is it true to size Bryan?

  5. are those gray bars strips of metal? what are they?

  6. Toe box is huuugggeee!!! its is definitely not an improvement from the previous ones.

  7. the strike zone is minimal, what people liked about the c1.10 was the fact that it was mostly kangaroo leather that contacted the ball surface instead of plastic (lasers). however ive had both powcat c1.10s and total 90 laser 3 elite and i found the pumas were way to uncomfortable, thin insole, hard heel lining and blistered my heels like crazy, but one thing i can say is the shooting technology seemed to work

    • BTW, the lasers i had the same issues with minus the insole, currently i wear adipure 3 with the lasers poron insoles. only boot ive ownd which has not given me a single blister.

      These boots look good but i fear puma hasnt fixed the issues with the old version

  8. pretty ugly. Can't picture many people buying these… must be hard for puma

  9. i dont see what the big deal is about these….. nothing special

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