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Puma Release Updated White/Blue evoTOUCH Colorway


Puma has released their latest colorway in the evoTOUCH Pro series, matching up a fresh White leather upper with slick Blue detailing. It is a slick look that takes two of the most popular colors and adds them to a silo designed to disrupt the conventional leather boot scene. Featuring an …

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Puma Create Custom Cesc Fabregas evoPOWER Tricks

Puma evoPOWER Fabregas

Puma continue their streak of releasing personalized boots for their key players, and this Cesc Fabregas effort looks pretty special. The evoPOWER Fabregas Tricks features design befitting the nature of the creative Spanish midfielder. Where Mario Balotelli got a dodgy looking dual colored MB45 evoPOWER, Puma has kept things a …

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A Closer Look At The Puma evoPOWER CAMO

Puma has a talent of teasing the public with a little camo before every release. It seems as if every other one of their new boot releases features a camouflage colorway teaser before the true unveiling. The most recent teaser that has hit the market is the Puma King II Camo which …

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Puma Release Second evoPOWER Camo Design

It seems like Puma are not done with teasing their upcoming evoPOWER release, with this latest Camo version giving us a more in-depth sneak peak at what we can expect when they hit the market in the next few weeks. Mario Balotelli signed onto the Puma brand last week, revealing …

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Just Arrived: Puma PWR-CT 1.12

Things just got a little busier around here with the arrival of another boot – this time it is the Puma PWR-CT 1.12 – something I am not complaining about! Since their release, these boots have received a lot of positive attention, with Cesc Fabregas the key player in Puma’s …

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Puma PowerCat 1.12 Officially Released

Although we have seen plenty of images and coverage over the past few weeks, the Puma PowerCat 1.12 has only now been officially released. These boots look really good and when you factor in the technical speak, they seem to have a lot of potential. Having a player the caliber …

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Cesc Fabregas Joins Puma – Its Official

After plenty of speculation over the past few weeks, Cesc Fabregas has officially announced that he has made a switch to Puma!! Fabregas will lead the global launch of the new PUMA PowerCat 1.12, debuting the boot for the first time on-pitch this weekend What an extraordinary move since Fabregas has …

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Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite in Blue Sapphire Released

As part of the latest Nike round of releases is this Blue Sapphire version of the Nike CTR360 Maestri.I am a fan of the CTR360 Maestri, but I am a little indifferent on this colorway. The shade of blue used is very unusual and I have a feeling that these …

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