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Puma PowerCat 1.12 Review

Puma PowerCat 1.12 Review

The latest power boot to hit the market comes in the form of the creative Puma PowerCat 1.12, or PWR-CT 1.12. The PowerCat line has dramatically changed through its existence and this edition offers a very unique final package. Right after release, the response from players was extremely popular, with the boots design being one of the most positive aspects. And then there was the fact that Cesc Fabregas made the surprising decision to jump ship from the Nike CTR360 Maestri to the PowerCat!

For testing, I wore a pair of size 9US in the very fresh and bright White Pearl/PUMA Royal/Team Gold colorway and for the first time, I am including a short video to accompany the review – located at the bottom of this page.

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Puma PowerCat 1.12 (g)

Breaking In
To be honest, I didn’t find these to be the easiest boot in the world to break-in. The soleplate does eventually produce a really nice fit, but starting out they were a little stiff. I wore them for 2 training sessions before trying them in a game and this proved effective. The upper easily molds to your feet and feels great on the ball, K-leather again seems to be the winning formula! I was hesitant about how the Power Shooting Zone would feel through first wear, but it didn’t cause any problems. Matched with strategically positioned stitching across the front of the strike zone, it moves pretty much in unison with your foot. Because they are a little above the average weight of boots currently released (10.4oz) you get plenty of padding, particularly through the heel, which is nice.

PowerCat 3D PST

3D Power Shooting Technology
Along the strike zone, you will find Puma’s newly innovated 3D PST, or Power Shooting Technology. It is comprised of two separate regions of TPU, both featuring different densities and serving opposite functions. The blue region is a soft TPU that is positioned to retract and allow the ball to cushion against your foot, aiding in first touch and control. The Gold bars are a more solid TPU that offer more rebound as the ball contacts the region, particularly as you strike shots.

Does It Work?
The concept definitely does – but in reality it is tough to tell exactly how much of an impact it has on your game. The key question I have received is “Do the two regions counteract each other?” Puma has placed each piece of technology pretty effectively and with its own purpose on the boot. The blue touch/control TPU sits right across the region where you should be controlling the ball as you dribble and it is angled slightly down to ensure it doesn’t conflict with the gold power/rebound TPU. Plus, the Gold TPU sits right where you should be contacting the ball on solid shots. Of both pieces, I found the Gold TPU to be more effective and useful. You definitely get more pop out of shots and there is a nice rebound effect that will be particularly useful to players who prefer power over placement. I also tested to see if it offered any benefits in terms of putting more swerve on shots – this proved inconclusive.

Puma PowerCat 1.12 (c)

Everything Else Performance
In terms of traction, Puma again stick with a similar blade configuration that is pretty effective. The blades are long enough to offer excellent twist and turn on firm ground while also working efficiently for the most part on turf. The only time I did question them as while playing in wet conditions on turf, they gave out once or twice as I tried to accelerate.

Something I really like is the tongue design. Puma allow it to be very breathable and have placed a slit on the top, so it forms and hugs your ankle comfortable.

Puma PowerCat 1.12 (b)

Puma PowerCat 1.12 (d)

Initial feedback after release was centered on how good the boots looked! Puma put together an excellent combo of colors – White Pearl/PUMA Royal/Team Gold – that has really grasped the attention of fans. Personally, I feel like the gold detailing has a lot to do with it, as it adds a more sophisticated look. Plus, the 3D PST region gives the boot a curious look, and it makes you want to know more about the boot. Since they are white, you need to consider the fact they will need regular care. There are darker colorways coming soon.

How Do They Fit?
The one company I regularly encounter sizing issues with is Puma – but they seem to have got these spot on! Length wise, they are absolutely true to size and make for a perfect fit. If you are a player looking for a wider fit, these make for a solid option. From the midfoot, right through the forefoot, you get plenty of room and nice stretch to ensure your foot is not cramped.

Puma PowerCat 1.12 heel

The biggest problem was scuffing that occurred around along the front of the boot. This is related to using them on turf and the white colorway is also a factor. Check out the video below for more details. It is definitely something to take into consideration if you are looking for a long term option.

The Skinny Summary
: Stealing Cesc Fabregas from Nike before releasing this boot was a very smart business move from Puma, and I am sure it won over a lot of new fans without them knowing how the boots test.
Category: In actuality, they are a solid power boot with some neat technology, the 3D PST Zone. Designed to offer both better touch and additions power, you are getting a hybrid of sorts.
Weight: They come in at 10.4oz, which is slightly above average although ideal for a power boot. It is noticeable if you are familiar to wearing some of the lightweight boots currently on the market.
Would I Buy Them: If you are looking for something new that looks really fashionable, they are a good option and I would probably fork out on a pair for that reason – but considering durability, they are not the best value for money currently on the market – retail around $180.
Player Position: Cesc is a playmaker, so add that to the list – but I think center-backs and strikers will benefit most. As a winger, I enjoyed them but there are better options (like the V1.11 SL!)

(*boots supplied for review by Puma USA.)

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  1. Size : I have been wearing Umbro Geometra (US 10) and they have been fantastic for me for the past couple months. They do get scratched and scuffed rather easily, but they're doing fine. I tried on a pair of size 10 but they fit a little too snug so I went with US 10.5 in PWR CT 1.12. (I have a bit of wider foot with high arch)

    Weight : Definitely heavier then the recent boots I've tried out in the market, but really, it's just enough to have that solid feel when you're playing.

    Look : Definitely fashionable and unique!

    Fit : A bit heavier like I mentioned, and also it is snug at first but like most boots, you have to break them in.

    I hope this helps others! And Bryan, love the additional video + skinny summary feature, would love to see them in action too! Happy Holidays Bryan!

  2. Dear Brian,

    Since the sole plate is essentially the same one as the PWRC1.10 (which you mentioned getting caught in the turf)… does it reoccur with these as well? and how do they get caught in the turf (if they do)? is it during backtracking? or during turning?


  3. dissapointed with the low rating ive worn some of the best boots out there and these are my fav.

  4. hey brian i like these pumas.i want a pair,but as u mentioned the toe is scuffled a bit.does this affect da integrity of da boot.i mean will i need a new pair after 2 months due to holes.

    • I've had my all white version for a little while now and haven't had any issues with the toe getting scuffed. Then again, I play on grass rather than turf. If you're a toe dragger or play on synthetic surfaces, I'd imagine that the boots would last for at least a season of play.

  5. Thanks for the review Bryan. It's tough to find Puma gear here in Canada, and although I really wanted these, I went for the Maestri II instead. I've heard that the Nike MII aren't great on turf, and I sometimes play on artificial surfaces, so I might still pick up some of these 1.12's when the price drops next summer.

  6. Yet another boot that has been given a score over 90 by this site. If anything, so many high rating boots makes me more confused about what boot to get, not more knowledgeable…

    • Brad, you shouldn't be using the "scores" to make your decision – refer to the context in the review to help you make a decision on whether a pair of boots suits your style or not, including any negatives that are listed!

  7. I've got to agree with Brad's comment I'm afraid.

    All of your boot reviews seem to be weighing in with a score of over 85%… very concerning for a buyer, and quite frankly: raises the notion that you are possibly bias. The guys over at Soccer Reviews – at least I think that's the name of the website – deliver much more rounded, honest and reliable boot reviews which really makes purchasing a pair of boots much more easier and truth be told: they refuse to follow along the route of SoccerBible and seemingly, yourself.

    I mean, if I were to go out right now and buy a pair of boots solely on the basis of your reviews, I would be walking home with every boot in store…

  8. I'm on their wave-length. A review should be honest and informative to the buyer. If you're just going to give every boot a high rating, what's the point? It's deceiving. And honestly, 91.5 out of 100 for these? You're saying that they're some of the best boots out there? No, wait, that can't be right, because all the other review scores are the same. Come on..

    • You guys are on a war path today!! "A review should be honest and informative to the buyer." Have you read the review, or do you just like looking at numbers?

      • I'm not sure why people are bitching. An opinion, which is what Bryan provides, is just that– an opinion. Personally, Bryan does a great job– if he finds that he likes a lot of the boots he tries, BIG FU$KING DEAL! I tend to find that I like most of the boots I've tried, too.

        If you decide to base your purchasing of new boots on what someone on the internet says, you're no better off than just opening a Eurosport mag and purchasing new boots according to the marketing department from Puma/adidas/Nike, etc. The only things I need to know is if the boots will fit me well.

        No boot is ever going to make you a better player.

    • I agree with Bryan it`s about reading the review of the boot to see if the benefits of the boots to see if it will help you with the position and style you play.

  9. hey Bryan, i'm a US size 8 with a bit of room, not enough to go half a size down and have a narrow to medium fit.. would these in US8 be snug?

  10. Hey I have medium to Narrow feet and love my boots to fit real snug would these be ok for me?

  11. I’m going to get a pair of powercat or ctr and I’m a center mid

  12. hi Bryan I just wanted to ask 2 questions about the cleats.
    1st. are they similar to the adipure 3 shape and feel?
    2nd. are they good on turf?

    • the adiPure has a slightly tighter fit compared to the PowerCat. Feel is also very different, since they fall into different categories. The power zone on the PowerCat removes some feel on the ball. I wore them on turf with no problems – the studs have a slightly low profile so they are actually better on turf compared to softer, natural grass.

  13. You Brian
    I just got a pair of adipower predator fg….. Don't like it at all. …. in fact I am a big fans of Adidas predator I owned every model of the predators but looks like the new predators no longer a power boot.. I think the best one is the Predators PowerSwerve
    How is the predator powerswerve vs the powercat 1.12?
    I never try puma befour…. Any other suggestions for me?

  14. Hey Bryan, I noticed mud tends to get stuck in the strike zone where the leather overlaps the rubber. Any suggestions on how to get the mud out?

  15. Just got me a pair of Powercats 1.12 in the black & lime colourway as they were on sale. Can’t wait to wear them for a game!

  16. Hey thanks for the great review. I just wanted to ask, how does the width compare to the nike tiempo legend IV, flight or ctr 360 trequartistas. I have pretty wide feet. THanks

  17. just got a pair of Powercats 1.12, really amazing look. loved the feel of it!

  18. Great information shared over here. Thank you very much.

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