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Cesc Fabregas Joins Puma – Its Official

Cesc Fabregas in Puma

After plenty of speculation over the past few weeks, Cesc Fabregas has officially announced that he has made a switch to Puma!! Fabregas will lead the global launch of the new PUMA PowerCat 1.12, debuting the boot for the first time on-pitch this weekend

What an extraordinary move since Fabregas has been a centerpiece for the Nike CTR360 Maestri range in recent years. But, by the looks of the new Puma PWR-C 1.12 that he flashed in the below video, it seems like he has a boot that might be worthy of the transition. And what great marketing by Puma, allowing Fabregas to give a sneak peak of the unreleased boots as he announces one of the biggest sponsorship captures in a while!

El video tambien esta disponible aqui!

Having just transitioned from Arsenal to Barcelona, one might think that Fabregas is creating a fresh start. It is reported the deal with Puma could be worth a staggering $20 milion! If his current goalscoring streak is anything to go by, the attacking mid is going to be another huge signing for Puma, along with the recent addition of Thierry Henry, Sergio Aguero and Falcao.

What we know about the Puma PowerCat?
The PowerCat 1.12 features the new PUMA 3D DUO Power Shooting Technology, applied to the kicking area on the inside of the boot. Made from an innovative thermoplastic material with two different degrees of hardness, the boot has the advantage of being both highly responsive with extremely high rebound properties.

The newly created PUMA 3D PST DUO technology enables improved grip on the ball through its exposed elements, and instead of absorbing the energy it increases the kicking power of the player. The kicking area employs a soft K-Leather while the lightweight microfiber material in the lateral quarter supports the midfoot and helps to keep the weight of the boot to a minimum.

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  1. wow 20$ is a lot of money! typo? haha

  2. a staggering $20…the homeless are speechless

  3. Nice to see puma getting a more firm foot hold in the market. guessing the 1.12 are being released sometime next year right?

  4. for $20 i think ill be sponsoring all of barcelona

  5. I'm not a power boot striker, by any means, but those have to be the best looking power boot out (will be, I know) right now. They look amazing.

  6. Pumas are being a best they first get Aguero that was nike now Cesc awesome

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