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Adidas adiPower Predator in White/Sharp Blue Metallic

Adidas adiPower White Sharp Blue

Adidas has just released a new option for fans of the adiPower Predator range, with this one coming in a very crisp and bright White/Sharp Blue Metallic/Black/Warning colorway. This is the third adiPower release we have seen that features a white base color – so it is quite evident that it is a look that sells well for Adidas. The addition of a Sharp Blue for detailing, as well as some text in the Warning color really makes the boot stand out effectively.

Personally, I find the look to be a little bland and almost too “soft”. Plus you have to contend with the problem of easy scuffing on the white upper. In saying that, there is sure to be a lare contingent of fans eagerly awaiting their opportunity to buy a pair. Expect to see players like Nani, Kaka and Robin Van Persie switching to these in the coming weeks – it will be interesting to see how they look in game.

White Sharp Blue Adidas adiPower

White Sharp Blue adiPower Predator

I personally like what Adidas has done with the adiPower Predator. The overall look and performance of the 11th Predator incarnation is very competitive and they offer a great mix of power with a lightweight feel. Adidas has re-engineered the entire Predator Zone in a pretty cool way and now refer to it as the Predator Element. Basically, a silicon rubber is strategically positioned and tuned to create a uniform surface with rebound effect, for those times when you need some extra power behind your shots. Holding a pair, it is hard to comprehend the fact that they fall into the power category, but I can tell you after testing the adiPower that they have everything that you could require and more.

If you decide to go for a pair of these, the adiPower comes in around the $200 range.

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  1. Look's like a womens' boot.

  2. really weak colorway, these are the ones you'll find in outlet stores at 49.99$

  3. Finally, a predator that looks normal!
    I like it because it's clean and professional looking.
    They stand out, without looking like a fruit basket of
    strange colors that really don't go together.

  4. I like this colorway,it looks very clean and feels very and thick inside.

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