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Latest Lotto Collection – Who You Got?

Lotto Cleat Selection

A few weeks ago I mentioned that a selection of Lotto boots had arrived in for testing – as pictured above. They are (from left to right) the Futura 100, Stadio Primato, Futura 500 turf and the Fuerzapura. I am currently finalizing a review of the Fuerzapura, which should be posted next week. All of the listed boots are currently available on

In the mean time, I decided to put together a reaction video at training the other night. My goal was to find out from fellow players which boot from the selection had the greatest appeal. Check it out below and then let me know which you would pick and why!

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  1. My favorite is definitely Fuerzapura

  2. I like the stadio primato as well. Kangaroo leather is the way to go!

  3. As an owner of a pair of Primato's I can say there are without a doubt the most comfortable boot I've owned. I'm curious to see if there's any different tech in the newest Primato range. But as a heritage boot I'm imagining it's as advanced as it's going to get. Now I just need a classic black pair to go with my flashy orange pair.

  4. I own the Primatos as well except I have them in the All white color. I know thats a brave color choice but I have a love for white leather. However as a true boot fanatic I would chose to try all of them because every boot has something different to offfer.

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