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Lotto Fuerzapura II Review

Lotto Fuerzapura II
Lotto Fuerzapura – White Cyber Yellow Colorway

Even though they don’t compete with the top ranges on the market, lotto continue to produce top class releases that offer optimal performance to professional players. You only need to look at Italy’s Serie A and the number of players wearing Lotto there as an example of their appeal. This latest release, the Lotto Fuerzapura II, falls into the Power category while offering a solid mix of technology, lightness and precision.

I picked up a pair of size 9US in the offbeat White/Cyber Yellow/Black colorway for testing.

Lotto Fuerzapura Sideview

Breaking In
Similar to the review of the original Fuerzapura, I didn’t experience too many problems with these. You will need to spend some time allowing them to loosen up and mold effectively. One of the key components of Lotto’s success in comfort is the PuntoFlex technology they have mastered. Puntoflex has been one of the constants in Lotto releases over the years, and it is something you can easily feel by flexing the front of the soleplate. I found that the soleplate as a whole is slightly stiff for the first few training sessions, but that is related to the technology included.

The upper consists of a K-leather with the the synthetic Cyber Yellow panels acting to support the midfoot. Transitioning to a K-leather upper is a great move, in my opinion, but the side panels are a little tricky. The concept is that they envelope your foot and allow for a more compact fit, but I found this to cause too much pressure on the arch. It eventually subsided over time but was a concern through the first few wears. If you notice the same thing make sure to give them time as it should improve as you break them in.

Lotto Fuerzapura Soccer Cleats

Lotto Technology
There is a bag load of technology on this release (as well as most other current Lotto releases). The sole features Twist’nGo, PuntoFlex and ReactiveArch while you also get a Reactive Insole. To save some time, here is the Lotto terminology for each feature:

  • Twist’nGo is the first pivoting stud to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Puntoflex is a special technical device in the soleplate which allows the foot to flex correctly and gives an excellent elastic return.
  • ReactiveArch is a new sole that flexes and moves in unison with the natural deformation movement of the transversal arch in the forefoot. It favors the subsequent elastic return (energy return) of the forefoot.
  • ReactiveInsole offers an exceptional return memory and flexion channels for perfect synergy with the ReactiveArch technology. The ridges positioned on the upper part of the insole provide arch massage which aids circulation and the absorption of lactic acid.

Lotto Fuerzapura Twist'nGo

Does Twist’nGo Work?
The most common question I get with Lotto boots surrounds the use of Twist’nGo technology – or the stud that turns at the top of the boot. The concept is that the stud has the ability to spin as it penetrates the surface, which makes sense and there doesn’t seem to be any negatives to its inclusion. In reality, it is tough to tell how effective it is in game and for the most part your turning action will involve both front studs – I don’t normally do ballerina turns!

In Game Performance
For their intended purpose, there is not too much to complain about on the Fuerzapura II. At 10oz, you would expect some lag behind these, but because of two contributing components, they feel like a lightweight boot! First is the configuration of the studs, which has been altered with a tiered step design on each producing a shape that is designed to penetrate the surface with more efficiency. It makes it easy to hit the surface and rebound up with less drag.  Secondly, the side paneling is designed to support your foot and this produces a very snug encompassing fit. At their weight point, they are also considered to be a power boot – but there is no added power elements. Ultimately, this actually plays in the favor of the boot! I found them to be particularly effective when I played as a forward, it was probably mostly psychological but the feel and fit gives the feel they add some extra wallop behind shots!

Lotto Fuerzapura Upper

Synthetic to leather Upper
The initial Fuerzapura release featured a synthetic upper – so the fact that Lotto has switched this design to a K-leather is bold, but very much appreciated! The fact they have managed to drop the weight by 0.8oz in the process adds even more appeal to the boot!

The most unique aspect of this release is obviously the addition of a synthetic panel that acts as additional support through the midfoot. On this version, the Cyber Yellow looks slightly out of place and awkward. Reaction to the release has not been overly positive, although it does offer a completely different look to other boots on the market. I like the concept, and with the right colorway these could look extremely sweet!

Lotto Fuerzapura Image

Fuerzapura Arch Support

How Do They Fit?
Length wise they are very much a true to size boot. In terms of width, I found that as you move from midfoot to forefoot, the boot gradually transitions from a medium to wide fit. The inclusion of the midfoot panels creates a slightly tighter fit – plus everything about them is designed to offer a high level of arch support.

To be honest, there might almost be too much technology used in the soleplate – in a sense it makes them seem a little confusing and if you are encountering any discomfort it could be related to several different things! More colorway options are also a necessity!

The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A very solid performing power boot that features a lot of technology through the soleplate
Category: Power – there is no additional power technology, but the design and concept of the boot surrounds the ideals of players who want strength in their boots!
Weight: A 10oz power boot sounds about right – a good number for them to be at.
Would I Buy Them: If they were the right colorway, and were available around the $100 mark (they retail for $180) I would put them into consideration for days when I know I will be playing up front.
Player Position: Definitely an ideal choice for any defender or center mid. They offer solid protection and comfort throughout. Forwards who want a run-of-the-mill boot that will provide an extra element of power for shooting should also add them to the list.

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  1. If anything, I think Lotto should look into moving the twist and go stud into the middle, I mean, think about, it would seem more effective that way

    • In sense yes, but I think Lotto should ditch the whole concept. When you turn(like Bryan said) you don’t use the one stud. Therefor whatever studs have penetrated the ground when your turning will prevent the twist’n’go stud from even twisting. Sorry if that’s confusing, my brains working faster then I can type

  2. why is there a nike swoosh on it?

  3. Was wondering how you would rank these, when compared to the likes of the adipure IV & King/King SL?

    I’ve read all reviews related to each boot, but was trying to gain some insight as to your personal opinion on the aforementioned boots, and what your choice(s) would be, given you had to choose.

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hello Bryan, my compliments for your wonderful site! I write you from Italy, excuse me for my English errors! I have just bought this Lotto Fuerzapura II 100 FG and used for one training session. I have noticed that the heel cup is very hard and make me noise at my heel. Does it will be better after some times? Thank you very much!!!

    • It sounds like the sizing might be off slightly, or the shape of the boot might not suit your foot shape. Try placing some double sided duck tape (Google search for it) along a portion of the heel to help keep your foot in place.

      • i just got a pair and they are great. I tried on alot of different boots and either to long or not wide enough which is super annoying because it seems one way or another.
        i just retired my admiral all Kangeroo boots which i have had for 10yrs and still use.
        they are super comfy and its not the boots that make the player !!

  5. Thanks a lot!
    You’ re the Best!

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